The Effect Of Slavery

Written by: Noku Katom
Article source: Supplied

Whenever I study the life and journey of the Israelites, I see the life of South Africans. Colonialism damaged the minds of the South Africans. We often talk about so many things that are as a result of colonialism and speak less if of the damaged minds. In my view, this is the trick of the enemy of our souls.

The enemy of our souls makes us to focus on symptoms not to the root cause of the problem. If we can work on the restoration and renewal of the mind, we would be much better people and progress in life abundantly. What colonialism did was to win the minds by oppressing people.

Just as we eat every day, we must make effort every day to renew our minds. Everything we do or do not start in the mind. Whether we believe it is possible or not possible starts in the mind. Action is the last thing. I am observing the Israelites in this chapter complaining and blaming Moses on their journey to the promised land. They said, ‘We wish that the Lord had killed us in Egypt.

There we could at least sit down and eat meat and as much as other food as we wanted. But you have brought us out in this desert to starve us all to death’.  When I read this part, my heart sank. They could not see the bigger picture where God was taking them. They were so comfortable with slavery as long there was food. I also noticed the role that food plays in oppressing people.

When a person is oppressed, all they want is food. An oppressed can do anything for food and the oppressors take an advantage of the needy people. I am writing these thoughts at the time we are preparing for elections that will take place in November 2021 in South Africa. Over the years, I have noticed that during this time, political parties, during their campaigns would hand out food parcels for poor people in poor communities.

Those political parties know very well that their target market will never say no to food because they are hungry. Thay also know that the majority of South Africans are hungry. What started in ancient times is still at work in the modern ay, centuries later. Esau sold his birth right for the bowl of stew to his brother, Jacob.

Exodus 16

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