Stronger Vessels

Written by: Rev Pat Pefile
Article source: Supplied

Book Synopsis

The book is entitled STRONGER VESSELS: A TRIBUTE TO WOMEN IN MINISTRY. This follows another project of mine called WIMA (Women In Ministry Appreciation Awards) where we were honouring some women in ministry with the idea to encourage them as they pursue what used to be traditional men’s territory. So the book is motivational but also instructional as to how women should go about doing their ministry. Basically in the book I address the following:-

Chapter 0ne: I address the known scripture of 1 Corinthians 14 verse 34. there I select the key words that make that verse to bring to light what Paul was trying to convey.

Chapter Two: Here I quote other sources that say the same thing I say; and these sources happen to be women so that readers don’t just hear a man’s voice but also hear the same thing from other women. Also in this chapter I address the story of Deborah to put it into context as women like to quote or misquote Deborah to justify their position in ministry.

Chapter Three: this chapter addresses the creation story of Genesis the way I personally have never heard addresses or explained.

Chapter Four: here I address Vision, Submission, Tradition and Ordination as pertaining

to women in ministry.

Chapter Five: How Jesus and Paul related to women is addressed here. I address\the issue of women in church leadership; what the bible says about women’s rights and also women and spiritual gifts. Then I answer two questions which are, why did God put women under men’s authority and how a wife can minister to an unsaved husband?

Chapter Six: here I address challenges that pastors’ wives have.

The book is just over 130 pages and is published by Mecs Publishing.

My Biography
I am pastor within the Assemblies of God Fellowship. I’m the founder and director of Soundoctrine Afrika (NPC), a ministry dedicated to hosting teaching seminars and conferences addressing many different subjects, especially that of Pastoral leadership. Did my three years of theological training with Timothy Training Institute. My calling is in public ministry rather than local church hence I don’t pastor a church except the church that comes together every first Sunday of the month, known as Great Joy Gathering and running Make Disciples Campaign.

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