Poem 968 – The Seals Over South Africa

(Revelation 6)

 (Sonnet a, a, b, b)


Has the Lamb opened the seals over our land?

Where are His prophets do they understand?

What do they see and do they hear the thunder,

Or are they mesmerized staring in wonder?

Behold a white horse came forth to conquer,

With Apartheid rule the days drew darker.

And then there went out another that was red,

Like army ants who said communism was dead?

The Democratic Alliance, EFF and ANC;

Of this tripartite is there anything Godly you see?

For lo a black horse with a pair of balances,

Stealing from the poor and creating challenges.

Behold a fourth horse pale bringing death on its way,

For the politicians listen to not what the preachers say.

By Alistair M. Mc Donald

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