Rock Of My Soul (At First Glance)

– Mpho Mmathapelo Molekoa

At first glance I stare
Body set high above the hilltop
Mind soaring on things high above
Soul springing into this harmonious poetry light 

Rock of my soul
Take me to the garden of my dreams
Lead me where my hope is so this water does not run out
This is your declaration:
‘That unto your grace my joy will spring’.
Take me to a place where the purest of love knows no limits
Whose anchor is the arms wrapping me around.

I look to you
Whose loving kindness is everlasting
Bring me closer to where my faith never fails
For you are God,
Who can compare to you?
Magnificent and pure and lovely you are!
Here, upon this calabash and raincup, let your words flow within. 

I do look to you
When these feet have set sail then faint they run
But you, you uplift me without fail

O how I want to stay!
Upon the rock in this garden of my dreams where love never ceases.

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