Remember Being In Love

– by Magda Pepler

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? That gut flutter feel, lightheaded at the sight or even just voice of the adored one? The way you could not wait to spend time together, just being. Holding hand and talking for endless hours. How you would make special plans together to be in one another’s company for even a little time?

Does this not remind you of the way you felt about Jesus when you first believed? The same awesome experience of wanting to tell everyone you know how He loves you. How He is the one and only God. You made the same effort to spend time reading God’s Word. You spent time in prayer and in His company. 

But all too soon the novelty wore off and you started thinking of prayer as a duty. The same way we start nit picking with our lovers. How we find fault with the person we were in love with. I know that in-love becomes real love after a while and that is the way it should also be when it comes to our relationship with God. We should be really in love with having love for Christ.

Think back on the time you were a new believer and visit that again. Become on fire for Him and remember he never fell out of love with us!

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