My Death And Subsequent Return To Life In 2020

Written by: Martin Pape 

Hi! My name is Martin Pape and I have died.

For 25 years my doctors managed my Barlow’s Syndrome successfully and I had no complaints . Therefore dropping down dead due to my heart valve malfunction surprised everyone! On the 12th February 2020 I died and was resurrected by God’s hand and His dedicated servants.

This is why I see what happened as a miracle:

  • I had made the trip from Sandton to Pretoria on the freeway successfully, doing the usual speeds allowed and then exiting moments later, parking and got out my car and seen by people before I collapsed. Any other time could have been disastrous.
  • Falling on my face, I missed breaking my nose which would later have complicated matters in surgery.
  • The particular Mall had a resident Doctor who was immediately available to my assist me; experiencing His Grace that I was resuscitated after numerous attempts.
  • The right medical equipment was available, including a defibrillator being on hand.
  • Amazingly, my wife had not being away in another country on business when this happened; her safe arrival to the hospital being directed the whole way on the phone by a manager of the restaurant was phenomenal.
  • That I was taken to the specific Hospital in Pretoria specializing in the injury I had that saved precious time.
  • For me being able to clarify a confusion of possible brain damage with regards to my optic Aniridia Prosthesis before going into theater for the first angiogram to inspect for vein blockages.
  • Not having had brain damage is in itself a miracle!
  • That a fellow work college dropped in on my second day in hospital assisting me with his phone connections to enable me to send two important e-mails to the office for work to continue.
  • The good timing of certain visitors who came, speaking into situations, which brought encouragement.
  • The blessing of having four expert Doctors overviewing and assessing my medical case.
  • There being a wonderful resident Chaplain, namely Joyce Jacobs assisting me with the maintaining of clear Godly thinking and offering balanced counseling, praying for a whole new heart and that is exactly what I did receive.
  • Being happily released from hospital on my birthday.
  • Ultimately, the wonderful daily care my wife gave me to recover well. Love my own Angel!
  • The opportunity of receiving Trauma Therapy to get me ready to live successfully with this awesome new heart.

All the glory to an amazing awesome God! I laugh when people say: “God does not do miracles any more.” I live mine every day.

Feature image: Martin Pape

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