Mosele Joyce Makate Ms Africa Elite finalist

Written by: Mosele Joyce Makate, Ms Africa Elite 2021
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I Am: Mosele Joyce Makate Ms Africa Elite finalist

Who Is Mosele Joyce Makate
Joyce Makate is a teacher by profession and passion and who graduated with Honours in Educational Management at Central University of Technology Free State in South Africa.

Believing that children really are our future, she uses her professional and personal time to assist students in any way she can. Her greatest accomplishment was becoming a chairperson for Girl

Empowerment Movement (GEM) 
Realizing the there is a correlation between self-esteem self-perception for young girls, Joy founded an image consulting company for young girls so that they know that true beauty lies within themselves. By participating in this pageant, she believes that she can use this platform to continue inspiring the youth
but on a broader and bigger level.

She is grateful and honoured to be a part of this distinguished event

My Journey
I’m a high school teacher, purpose driven always seeking growth especially in the academic sphears. I entered Africa Pageant because is the right platformfor me to reach out to those who are in need and to pay it forward by giving back to the society.

I’m working or supporting two charities so far, Crystal Fountain and Sizanani community center which care and support for children and families affected or infected by pandemic HIV/AIDS , older person, youth and other chronic illnesses holistically.

Your Involvement:
For your generosity and as a token of appreciation, I as a Ms Africa Finalist will make you one of my Gold Sponsors. A Gold Sponsor will be marketed and advertised by me as a finalist locally. Furthermore, as a Ms Africa Finalist, I will be an ambassador of my Gold Sponsor.

The Gold Sponsor logos will appear on every mode of my personal brand including my social
media platforms.

For me to be successful in my Journey I need the following sponsorship: 
• Funding for entry fees. You can become a Gold, Silver or Bronze sponsor.
• Clothing /Outfits for the pageant – Evening wear, swimsuit, national costume etc
• Shoes
• Hair, Nails and Makeup
• Funding to assist Charities of the finalist choice
• Travelling fees and accommodation
• Donations to assist in the purchase of Re-Usable Sanitary Towels which your company
will benefit an 18A Tax Certificate

Mosele Joyce Makate, Ms Africa Elite 2021
+27 715564786

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