The Lord Sent me An Email

– by Emmerentia Vosloo

Yes, you read correctly! Yesterday I received an email dictated by God through one of His anointed servants in my email inbox.

The email was timely as I have been contemplating, because of changed circumstances, to pack up and move out of my present home. I needed to see that email in my inbox with the subject line, in bold, “Stay right where you are!” 

I felt my heart racing as I realised the Lord is speaking to me. You know that feeling? You just know it is the Lord speaking.

Perhaps you have also been asking Him to speak to you concerning a present situation you find yourself in. Have you thought about the fact that He will send you an email? Perhaps the email is sitting in your inbox right now and you just have not “had eyes to see that it is from the Lord.” It can be a simple one-liner but you will just feel your spirit stirred when you read it.

I know that if you are a Christian with a busy life (like most of us), you are probably receiving a “daily devotional message” from one or other ministry. It pops up in your emails every morning when you switch on your computer. That “daily word” is often exactly what you need for that day to encourage you. These “daily word” messages are specifically designed to be encouraging and that is good. We need encouragement daily. 

But God’s answer to our prayers are not always what we want to hear. Sometimes His answer is a direct instruction which we need to obey. My email instruction I received needed my obedience. To obey in difficult circumstances is not easy. However, unless we obey God’s instruction or direction we may not receive another communication from Him. The more we obey the better we become at hearing Him speak to us.

So I encourage you to be open to receiving an answer from God in whatever manner. Be alert to see and or hear it and then to act accordingly in order to have peace and joy.

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