Heaven’s Final Call In The Book, Are You A Christian?

Written by: Prishana Sumeri

We cannot deny that we live in a materialistic world that offers us huge returns on our investments of time and effort.  Very often, we miss the voice that says, this is the way, walk in it.  How many go to church, evangelise, pray, pay offerings and tithes and do a host of work in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ yet, fail before God because of our walk with Him.

At a time when the world is seeking God like never before, it is heartening to know that one book, next to the Holy Bible, is showing Christians the way to God through His Holy Spirit. Written on simplicity, “Are you a Christian?”  reveals the five elements that makes us Christian, how we cannot live in pious façade of holiness and why we should be fixed on eternity.  The book is unapologetically realistic about the supernatural.  It portrays the great difficulties children in Christ face as we get to know the Master of our destiny.   Prishana Sumeri narrates her real-life encounters with the Living God through the Holy Spirit.  While the book may be met with some resistance because of its title and a straight question of whether you could be a Christian heading for hell, it is anything but demeaning to a child in Christ.  For a “contemporary” Christian the book could appear as a fantasy, but the writer is steadfast that her supernatural encounters with God and her near death with witchcraft convinced her that the world is the test of the wilderness and our duty is to be on the side of God.

“Are you a Christian?” is a Holy Spirit inspired book.  Find out the grand truth about the sinner’s prayer, why water baptism is not the resurrection into a new self and why falling under the anointing, speaking in tongues and other gifts, is not the fire baptism.  There are other exciting topics to look out for.  The book puts an end to the 10 % tithing debate, admonishes us that the Blood of Jesus does not give us salvation and tells you why Covid-19 is not a Christian problem.  It shouts out the real meaning of the end times without attempting to define the apocalypse, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the Armageddon or even the rapture that threatens a world without God.

Find out some never before heard of truths as you embark on a Christ filled journey in a book that’s set to question your walk with God.  Get to know the incredible and astonishing revelations of the mystery of the gospel.  True stories add to this remarkable book that ends of with a prophecy of what your name could be saying in the Lamb’s book of life.

The writer, Prishana Sumeri is a former Hindu who converted to Christianity at the end of 2008.  She has not studied the bible through any institution.  The book is entirely inspired by the Holy Spirit and it tells why, this is heaven’s final call. 

The book is available on amazon e-book or paper back.  The book is available in Durban for sale.  Whatsapp or call 082 228 6883.  

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