When God Will Be Listening

– by Tralone

I want to write a poem about the Nyala antelopes from Rwanda

No wonder,

No wonder, I want to climb frosted mountains from the Himalayas

And see The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

I want to recite about great giants that survived the persecution of this generation

Find footprints bigger than dinosaurs or the internet

I want to find a lasting rhyme to songs no one can see

I want to drink afternoon tea under the Marula tree

Raise men from the dead

I want to inspire the youth in metaphors

So wise words can come out of their mouth

And their gifts can follow them.

I want to reach the hills and the valleys

Where every molecule, and space will bow to the truth

From Ruth: The Moabite that fell in love with Bethlehem

I want to dedicate my babies to God

Bring a Samuel to life

I want to hug my dreams at night

Because they have a right,

I want to choose and be chosen

I want to find space to do the things that really matters

I want to race outside of their egos, where they echo as hatters

I want to multiple bread and time sprinkled with happy seasons

I want to reflect on the moments where God speaks

 And The Holy spirit is at liberty to act

So my life can soar and I ‘m free to roar

I want joy bigger than the words in the dictionary

Where apes howl, I dare to dream for true love called Agape

With a man who became flesh and dwelt amongst us

Painted a canvass for heaven with His blood

I want to burn incense so I can sacrifice

To the point that even the stars gets jealous

When God will be listening.

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