God Is Using Covid-19 To Restructure His Church

Written by: Noku Katom – Passionate follower of Christ

It is so sad that the whole world is suffering because of Covid-19. At the same time, this pandemic has a purpose – especially from the church’s perspective.

Some believers feel like God is silent and has abandoned them, and yet I see God even with lockdown regulations. The way I see it, God is restructuring His church. All these years we have been playing church. The real church is about to arise!

Jesus never built church buildings. The Bible says that we are the church. We are the building. Jesus and Holy Spirit dwell in us.

In the book of Matthew 28, the mandate is clear “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Nowhere in the Bible we are told to build buildings and invite people. We do not ‘go to church’, we are the church. Location does not matter. Whether we meet in the park, car, under the bridge – that does not matter. When two or three are gathered in His name, He is there in their midst.

In the book of Acts, believers used to meet in their homes and their Gospel was effective. The problem with the current church is that its mandate is the total opposite of what Jesus left us with. Even Jesus Himself, He preached in the streets, from village to village, in synagogues, wilderness, in boats. His focus was on outreach not ‘inreach’.

In restructuring the church, God wants us to be the real church. One of the things that we need to get rid of is the idea of positions. Biblically speaking, a pastor is a gift – not a title. We turned the truth to suit our own selfish desires.

The sooner that we accept that church will never be the same again, the better. Yes, the world is in crisis, but from church’s perspective this pandemic is not a crisis but opportunity, another chance for the church to repent.

Church has turned into business instead of family. Covid-19 removed everything we thought was important. God can use anything to fulfil His plan and purpose. In this case, He used Covid-19 to wake up His church.

Pastors are not the engines of the church; they are not the heads of the church – Jesus Christ is the head of the church. This reminds me of the story of Jonah who was the cause of the calamity in that ship because of his disobedience.

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