From The Soil

– by Mokgehle tebogo divine theophilus

Never hate at they which belong,

never refuse with them to sing along.

For they are the rightful heritors,

they are the exalted editors.

Bringing correction to your every step,

so tread not towards the trap.

And avoid all the prepared pain,

so that the reward you may gain.

Hidden in their heart is a blessing,

never leaving their tongue is the cursing.

So shake off all the jealousy mate,

Stand far from the pit of hate;

so that you do not therein fall,

and meet the maker of it all.

For his delight is in your death,

When you return to the soil of the earth.

For he digs for you a pit daily,

hoping that you will fall in early.

So he may at will gobble you up,

And with your soul he may sup.

For you have defiled your heart,

as you did not play your part.

Escape therefore his clutches,

turn away before he marches.

Marches into his time to dominate,

For his reign you will assuredly hate.

For his vision is set on only evil,

so is his name said to be the devil.

A man on a mission you must be,

so that the brethren may see;

see how they ought to live,

See how their lives they must give.

For if they are to walk in love,

then that soil must come from above.


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