Faith Defying Death – What Would You Do

Written by: Wayne Joseph De Vos 

The book “Faith Defying Death” is based on the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego who were prepared die for their faith, rather than bow in worship to the golden image.

The sub-title “What Would You Do” is the challenge to all believers, especially now that global persecution is on the rise and will come to South Africa.

Here are three reviews by people who have read the book:

Book Review By: Anton Stroebel
Faith defying Death will inspire every reader to stand up for their faith in the Son of God. His death for humanities sins and His resurrection for our righteousness.

This is the only faith for which we can live and die. I recommend Faith Defying Death for anybody who is serious about their faith.

Adv AF Stroebel (B Luris, LLB, Diploma Theology) Pastor of Jesus Christ Family Church.

Book Review: Marco Morgan
In his book Faith Defying Death Pastor Wayne de Vos cuts right down to the heart of what faith is really about. It has made me take a closer look at myself, in fact it has made me take a closer look at my faith and ask myself this question, “Will my faith pass the test?”

This book is a must read for any true Christian who is brave enough to be honest with himself.   

Book Review: Jo Ann Dellavaja
Faith Defying Death by Pastor Wayne de Vos has sparked my faith so strongly after making it clear to me, that no matter how big a fire we have to pass through in life, God is in it with us.

Do yourself a favor and read this book! Your faith will be boosted and it will help you approach whatever hurdles may come your way.

God bless you, be strengthened in your faith.

Certificate Biblical Studies; Rhema Bible School (South Africa)

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