The Day Apollyon Infected And Destroyed Everything

– by Masedi Samuel Malatji

Apollyon destroyed everything and then went after, and killed the man and his wife. He also made sure that he kills all their children before they had a chance to live. Apollyon was very evil. Why?

Every one that has ever been born was a stillborn at birth. This of course excludes Adam our first parent who was already dead when he fathered us. The sting of death had already been injected into him and he was about to pass it onto his progeny. You see, unlike you and me Adam was never born, he was created but died even before he had a chance to live. He was dead even before he sired his first son. Dead as he was, Adam ‘knew’ his also dead wife Eve, who then conceived and later gave birth to her first child, Cain the first stillborn in this world. She gave birth to a dead son who grew and soon earned the inglorious distinction of being the first human murderer.

All this sound like an excerpt from a fiction story book or even absurd babblings from a deranged mind, but not when you remember that Paul, the greatest Apostle that ever lived once wrote to the sin-prone Corinthians not to fear death but to be wary of sin, the sting of death (1 Corinthians 15:54,55). You see, the evil Apollyon, the former Lucifer paid a ‘casual’ visit to our first parents, Adam and Eve when they were still living in paradise, The Garden. He led them to commit the first ever recorded sin by man in human history. Lucifer the father of sin had injected the sting of death into our first parents and with that perverted single stroke of genius, ‘sealed’ the destiny of every man alive or yet to be born, to hit back at our Father for expelling him from heaven. Prior to this, Lucifer had influenced a third of our Father’s angels to join him in a coup d’état that he foolishly believed would catapult him to exalted lordship over our Father’s creation displacing and even subjugating our Father in the process.

The deadly injection was at the conclusion of a long day which first saw him rebel against our Father who created him. He then went on a rampage when he was expelled from heaven, destroying everything. He ended the day by killing the man and the woman and their children who were not yet, through the deadly injection. A flaming sword then barred all access to the only tree from which man could harvest life, as our first parents were driven from The Garden (Genesis 2:1-4;22-24). Thus our earthly father, the first Adam failed us all when he conspired with Apollyon, the chief angel of death to bequeath death to all his children, you and me amongst them.

The evil Apollyon then secured himself an insurance for this evil scheme when he instructed his horde of fellow rebel angels to sire an army of offspring with as many female children of Adam as he could coerce. The evil offspring carry his genes and, even in death their spirits roam the earth perpetuating his wicked machinations using bodies of every living creature without their consent.

That was the day Apollyon destroyed everything. This was only the beginning, a prelude to the continuous and ever-raging hell that has been raining upon all creation and has yet to come to an end. And ever since, the condemned children of Adam have marched through history spreading death and destruction in every place they touch. Inescapable condemnation was upon us all. It would be another four millennia before the last Adam arrived on the scene to put the brakes on the mayhem (1 Corinthians 15:22, 45). But it had been so fast and furious, for over the past four millennia that we are still screeching to a halt two millennia later and all mayhem will only end when Apollyon gets forcefully ejected headlong into the lake of fire, and for a cosmic second all shall be quite as creation catches its collective breath. No doubt an uncountable number of casualties will accompany him to the lake of fire. Yes Apollyon is very evil, but why? Will we ever know? Perhaps someday we will, but right now as we beat off the dust from our lives we have urgent issues that we need to take care of. If we do not want the violent storm following Apollyon to pull us all to the lake of fire to join him in an eternity of punishment, we must be free from the deadly poison he injected into us. Whether you like it or not the deadly poison is in you. It is very urgent for each one of us that we be free from its deadly effects and pre-programmed eternal destination for all mankind. Is there any hope for Adam’s children, you and me?

Extract from a book that I hope to have published in the very near future.


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