As Deep As The Ocean

– by Mokgehle tebogo divine theophilus

Look, do your eyes have that ability to see;

Does your left lens fuze image with your right?

Does one whole picture remain captured in your soul,

Are you able to draw out a thousand words as a result?

I have asked one question four different  ways,

I have used the definition of sight to see this through.

I have placed complex science into a simple matter,

I have made your mind reveal a different  image of your eyes.

A normal thing now seems a lot more complicated,

How fast information travels from your eye to your brain.

How fast it moves from your brain to your soul,

How fast it exits from the tip of your tongue.

One picture is worth a thousand words,

One glance can be exchanged for an entire novel.

The image that rests in your mind is a powerful force,

It carries dynamic ability to destroy, or is that to create?

For a very ‘big bang’ it can cause,

And a lot of creation can come from absolute destruction.

Or can it? Think about that for a second second.

See what I did there? I made your mind create an image,

I caused your mind to create a scenery.

And from that you can convince yourself of anything,

For you have the evidence in your self.

But how does one convince themselves of a Self-Existing Being,

One who has control  over everything  we can possibly phantom;

One who has infinite knowledge, One who is All Powerful?

One who created the heavens and the earth, and all that in them is.

One who made both man and woman in His own image, what does He then look like?

One who is not physical but is the Father  of spirits.

One who nothing  can possibly spin out of His control.

One who is a Father  and yet inspires all sorts of motherly  love.

One who is the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

One whose words alone  are enough to give life.

One who drips of pure Holiness and can allow evil to rule.

One whose mercy endureth forever and yet still executes perfect judgment.

One who is Three In One, One divided into Three and yet the Three are altogether One.

One who can die and still rule over the entire world at the same time,

One with a never ending  life giving it up to take it up again.

One who gave the name to science, and is the only one who defines it.

Your mind fails to comprehend such a Being,

For He is not a product of the mind of man like any and every theory.

Many are the man who have claimed to be wise,

Yet, where  can wisdom then be found, and where  is the place  of understanding?

Is it sold in the markets, can one put a price on it?

Is it hidden  in the mountains, is it under the rocks?

Is it found in the depths of the seas, is it dug up from under the ground?

Is it carried  along with the winds, does it fall with the rains?

Is it within the kings of the earth, is it with their servants?

Is it possible to attain wisdom in this life, can the living understand?

Or is understanding with the dead, and wisdom within the grave?

God understands the way thereof, and He knows the place  thereof.

For unto the ends of the earth  he looks, and sees under the whole heavens,

To make  a weight for the winds, and He weighs the waters by measure.

When He made a limit for the rain, and a way for the lightning of the thunder:

Then did He see it, the place, and declared it, He prepared it, yea, and searched it out.

And unto man He said: “Behold, The Fear Of The Lord, That Is Wisdom,

And To Depart From Evil Is Understanding!”

Open therefore only the eyes with the ability to see.

See how much  knowledge is buried in these words,

For their depth is as deep  as the oceans;

And your glory lies in searching them  out.



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