­­­If you’re still searching for the perfect gift for your mom this Mothers’ Day, have a look at these lovely local ideas on how to SPOIL your mom, and show her how much you love her:

1. A Lovely Spa Package
Being a mom can be one of the most stressful jobs that anyone can bear. Worrying about children’s diets, health, clothing, school grades, and so much more. Treat your mom this Mothers’ Day with a relaxing day at the spa.


Mommy Wellness Day Spa in the tranquil Sanctuary Shopping Centre is known for being a heavenly haven for pregnant ladies craving a well-deserved but safe pampering. They recently won the Haute Grandeur Global Spa Award for Best Spa Brand 2017. They offer some guilt free me-time treatments like manicures and relaxing massages.  Best of all, they are not only for Mommies- to- be, they indeed a Sanctuary for the entire family to relax and destress. Mommy Wellness’ has an excellent reputation as a preferred spa for women of all ages and moms-to-be and they offer an extended range of Spa services.

Their services include a professional infant massage in the ‘Babe, Tot and Tween Wellness’ section and exciting spa packages for dads and dudes under the ‘Daddy Wellness’ section. Furthermore, they motivate skin health from an early age with their ‘Urban Teen Wellness’ face and Body Treatments. Their close-knit team of qualified therapists are committed to promoting wellness through specialized treatments. They only use premium quality skin care ranges such as Nimue, Mama Mio and Bella Roze.  Their commitment to world class service and compassion ensure their loyal clients keep on coming back for more.

Visit www.mommywellness.co.za for more information on any of their treatments, packages or fun pamper parties. Find them at Shop G16 at The Sanctuary Shopping Centre in Somerset West or give them a call on 021 492 3860 to book your next pamper session!

Website: www.mommywellness.co.za
Facebook: Mommy Wellness Day Spa
Instagram: @mommywellness
Phone: 021 492 3860


2. Book a Photoshoot and Capture Your Memories Forever
Time is fleeting, and important memories in life can be rushed through. Take time out this Mothers’ Day to capture a moment in time, and give your mom memories that will last forever – book a special photoshoot.


Robyn Freese is a Professional Photographer based in Somerset West who specialises in Maternity, Newborn, Child, and Family Photography.

“It is a great blessing to be able to capture major milestones in my clients’ life. Often whilst cuddling a newborn to sleep during the shoot, I know I have the best job in the world. Although my Newborn Shoots take place in my studio, I am a lover of natural light and enjoy capturing special moments outdoors. My passion is people and providing them with images that they will treasure forever!”

Website: www.robynfreese.com
Facebook: Robyn Freese Photography
Cell Number: 083 366 1796
Work Number: 021 855 1516
Email: robyn@robynfreese.com


3. A Stunning Piece of Jewellery
Jewellery has been around for thousands of years and like in the ancient days, jewellery is designed to make our world a more interesting place. Spoil your mom with something sparkly and shiny this Mothers’ Day!


Patricia Greatorex, the owner and designer of Patricia G Jewellery, has been in the jewellery business since 1992. She trades only in conflict-free diamonds sourced from the vast landscapes of South Africa. All gemstones, including tanzanite and morganite, alongside the diamond and pearl ranges, are responsibly sourced and certified. Patricia G retails and manufactures handmade sterling silver pieces, designer pearls and bridal ranges, as well as bespoke pieces in gold, diamonds and semi-precious stones. Personal service is paramount to the success of Patricia G, and her shop, located in Waterstone Village, Somerset West, is easily accessible to all customers. New international designs are a trademark of Patricia G.

For more information, visit www.patriciag.com or call 021 851 9459.


4. Beauty Treatments to Keep Her Confident
Being a mother brings all of its own stresses and worries. Grey hairs, wrinkles, and post-pregnancies bodies are the norm. These features are of course not negative at all, but so often women can lose their confidence as a result. Boost your mom’s confidence this Mothers’ Day and spoil her with the beauty treatment that she has been secretly wanting.


Aesthetic Health is primarily a GP practice with a special interest in aesthetic medical procedures. We are passionate about improving our patients’ quality of life in all aspects as well as providing the best medical care.

We currently offer anti-aging Botox injections, and we have exciting new procedures in the pipeline such as collagen fillers, micro-needling and chemical peels.

We are situated on the upper floor of the Lion square building in Somerset West:

Shop 108 (On the upper floor)
Lion’s Square
150 Main Road,
7130 Lionviham,
Somerset West,
Western Cape,
South Africa

Website: www.aesthetichealth.co.za
Phone: 021 851 0332
Facebook: Aesthetic Health
Email: reception@aesthetichealth.co.za


5. A Weekend Away at a Romantic Hotel
For the fathers out there who are looking for ideas for your wife, or the mother of your child, spoil her this Mothers’ Day with a romantic weekend away at a stunning hotel.


The Devon Valley Hotel is based in the Stellenbosch Winelands and offers luxurious accommodation for a special weekend away. Spoil your wife with a romantic dinner at the gourmet restaurant, and an even more romantic night away in the beautiful vineyard accommodation.

For children, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show Mom how much you appreciate ALL she does for you. Whether you would like to spoil her with a day out or spend the night, we have just the thing to treat her. Mother’s Day is family time and what better way to celebrate the closeness of family over a Sunday Lunch Buffet? Bring the family for our special Mother’s Day Sunday Lunch Buffet featuring all the favourites. Enjoy the delicious 3-course feast for R285.00 per person. Tables sell out fast, so book today. Why not spend the night? Save through our Pay Stay offer. The offer includes:

1 FREE NIGHT – Pay for 2 nights and Stay for 3 nights. Full English Breakfast Buffet. A bottle of our award-winning SylvanVale House Wine in your room upon arrival. Book now in order to avoid disappointment. Minimum 3 night stay required. Terms & Conditions Apply. For more information and bookings, please contact us on 021 865 2012 or send an email to info@devonvalleyhotel.com


6. An Evening of Great Cuisine
There is an age-old adage that the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. Spoil your mom this Mothers’ Day and thank her for all the hours of cooking that she does for you and your family – take her out to a lovely restaurant for a night off!


Simply Greek was born late 2016 and prepares healthy, fresh, Greek and Mediterranean dishes and tapas with traditional spice blends using recipes that have been handed down from one generation to the next. From our delicious Mousaka and Shrimp Saganaki to fresh chicken breast and authentic slow cooked lamb, as well as hummus and cucumber sauce (Tzatziki) just to name a few, are all made in-house fresh daily. Your meal will be cooked to order in front of your eyes using our traditional recipes

We have such a variety of amazing menu items to choose from, authentic dishes that will leave you wanting more! Enjoy eating Meze style whereby you can choose options from our easy categorized MezeMenu: “MeatMeze”, “VegetarianMeze” and “SeafoodMeze” like our handmade Dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with rice and feta) or our famous “Baby Pickled Octopus”, our simply delicious Spanakopita (Spinach and feta wrapped in phyllo pastry), or go straight for an authentically prepared main dish at our Somerset West branch. Oh and don’t forget to leave some room for our mouth watering decadent desserts like the famous “Cheesecake Baklava” or our “Chocolate Cherry Baklava” or something simple and authentic like our homemade yogurt, honey and nuts.

Visit us and experience the best most Authentic Greek cuisine around and enjoy an unforgettable dining moment. Be transported to Greece with our beautiful decor and great food!

Address: The Sanctuary Shopping Centre, 10 Niblick Way, Firgrove Rural, Cape Town, 7110
Contact Number: 021 492 4216
Website: simplygreek.co.za


7. An Enjoyable Healthy Eating Cookbook
Many moms love to cook and spoil their family with delicious healthy foods. Spoil YOUR mom this Mothers’ Day with a cookbook that covers easy, quick, cost-effective, and delicious healthy meals!


Go Natural Is the most complete and comprehensive health book that you will ever read. This book will guide you to dis-ease free living. The main purpose of Go Natural Wisdom for Healthy Living is to empower modern people to live healthily and DIS-EASE free despite a changed environment that is filled with refined, adulterated, preserved and chemically laden foods. It will help the reader to navigate the deceptions and many other modern health evils and land-mines that exist today. Exposure to these modern variables and deceptions is precisely the reason for the manifestation of so many modern dis-ease conditions.

“My journey to recovery taught me that SICKNESS is no ACCIDENT there is a CAUSE and EFFECT principle at work. Let me explain: This is my tenth year of recovery from a dreaded disease, Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. And boy, was I dis-eased! I was at a dead end in terms of my health. I very nearly was confined to a wheel chair. I was declared medically unfit to work and was left expecting the worst. Modern medicine could offer me no help or hope. I however refused to accept that my body would make such a mistake. I set about searching for the root cause of the problem. At the eleventh hour by grace I discovered an array of root causes and deceptions. Once these modern harmful variables were removed, I began the journey to recovery. On my journey I opened can after can of the proverbial worms only these weren’t worms, but rather deceptions. It made me realise that there are many systems that fail the general public. One can simply not trust everything that one is presented with without thorough research. The information and wisdom gained through my journey not only saved my life, but it changed my life and purpose forever. I now feel compelled to share this lifesaving information with as many people as possible so I’ve compiled the Go Natural message for you. Everything you need to know about holistic common-sense healthy living is contained in this book. It also includes 72 delicious recipes to start you on the road to HEALTHY LIVING. This Go Natural message changed my life forever for the good, now is it your turn to take your second chance.” – Johan Jacobs, author and founder of Go Natural.

Website: gonatural.co.za


8. A Personalised Gift That Shows You Care
Spoil your mom with a special personalised gift with her name on it. A cutting board, serving platter, clock, book stands, clothes – give your mom something special that will bring a smile to her face.


Make It Yours specialises in unique gifting, customised to your taste. Their passion is evoking emotions in people, through their gifting. They offer various creative gifts for all occasions, or just because. Think bedside organisers, server boards, recipe stands, and many more, personalised with your own design & message. Top quality workmanship, products and service.
“Let us tell your story…”

Tel: 021 903 8003
Cell: 083 463 4663
Email: designco@worldonline.co.za
Facebook: www.facebook.com


9. A Subscription to a Magazine That Gives LIFE
A magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving – you pay a once-off upfront fee, and you receive a year’s worth of content, delivered to you each month. Spoil your mom by buying her a subscription to her favourite magazine.


We are living in a perilous era, where even the media cannot be trusted. Influential powers, such as politicians, have been observed to have swayed the media into reporting biased news, in favour of such influential powers. This is not only true to local news stations, but is also true on a global and international scale. Many tactics have been utilised, such as fake news, clickbait headlines, and a genuine lack of fact-checking. In this era where our culture is veering further and further away from God’s order and His truths, it is so important to be aware of what you are consuming and filling yourself with. Proverbs 4:23 warns us to “Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Here at JOY, we are utterly sold-out for the Gospel. Our only goal is to do whatever we can to further the Lord’s Kingdom here on earth by educating and informing Christians of a Biblical worldview.

Spoil your mom this Mothers’ Day by giving her a 1-year subscription to JOY! Magazine, for only R299! Receive a FREE journal with every subscription. Subscribe by contacting us today:

Website: www.joymag.co.za
Facebook: JOY! Magazine
Phone:  021 852 4061
Email: info@joymag.co.za


10. Some Beautiful Books to Read
Books are the best kinds of gifts you can get your Mom for Mothers’ Day. They can be motivational and uplifting, and the best thing is that they last forever. Give your Mom a book and give her the perfect excuse for some quiet time to relax, escape, and reflect.


SCM has released a bunch of stunning Mothers’ Day titles, available from leading booksellers nationwide. Choose from this selection of practical and inspirational books for the ideal treat for your mom:

Prayers and Declarations for the Woman of God – by Michelle McClain-Walters. A well-rounded guide addressing topics relevant to women today: how to confront strongholds, cancel the assignments of the enemy, and accomplish mighty exploits for God’s kingdom.

Both of Angelique du Toit’s best sellers Standing Tall in a Falling World, and What in the World are You Waiting For? will inspire and encourage women to live with purpose and bring positive change to their lives. Reshape your thoughts, speak life-filled words and take fresh action that will raise you up in spirit, soul and body. Step out into faith-filled action to fulfil God’s amazing and unique plan for your life.

In Parenting with Courage, counsellor Mandi Hart guides parents on how to parent intentionally and encourages readers to look inward and assess themselves before moving on to external influences. She offers practical guidelines and tools and points readers towards spiritual avenues for parenting with God’s help.

In The Prosperous Soul, bestselling author and life empowerment specialist, Dr. Cindy Trimm, makes it clear that the abundant life described by Jesus is not only for everyone, but is available at any time. Abundance is a choice! The secret lies within your soul.

The Passionate Mom by Susan Merrill – Do you ever wonder how to raise a godly child in a culture of entitled privilege and uncensored technology? Uniquely pulling an insightful parenting plan from the Book of Nehemiah, Merrill’s strategic guide will give you the building blocks necessary for parenting effectively in today’s world.


11. A Memorable Local Tour
Husbands and Fathers, treat your wife with an experience that she will NEVER forget. Spoil her with a local cruise on an MSC ship, and watch her heart burst with joy as you let her know.


JOY! Travel is the leader is local luxury tours. Treat yourself and your family with cruises and themed tours to the Portuguese Islands starting from only R5940 SHARING. JOY! Travel also leads a number of international tours every year, including to Turkey, Russia, Netherlands, Europe, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and the most common – Israel. Travel in luxury – travel without stress – travel with JOY!

Website: www.joytravel.co.za
Email: info@joytravel.co.za
Phone: 021 852 4061

Written by: Gillian Fraser

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