Looking for the perfect gift idea for your dad / husband this Fathers’ Day? Have a look at these epic ideas below to show your dad how much he means to you!

Why not spoil him with a spa treatment?
Dads and Dudes are never forgotten at Daddy Wellness Somerset West in the Sanctuary Shopping Centre. The Daddy Wellness Day Spa will become Dad’s new man cave once he has experienced their relaxing treatments!

Why not spoil dad and son to a Lad and Dad package? It is the perfect bonding time for the two guys… Or get a Spoiler Alert gift voucher which will allow him to choose his own treatment or men’s grooming session. Let him throw off some work day tension with a Pure Stress Relief Massage or Deep Tissue Massage. For the more active – Daddy Wellness offers Sports Massages as well.


To the busy Boardroom Dad – Let his hands and feet tell who’s in charge with The Handshake Manicure or the Boss Pedicure. Manscaping waxing as well as facial threading is performed by their team of qualified Therapists.

Daddy Wellness Somerset West uses premium quality skin care ranges such as Nimue and Nimue Man for their rejuvenating Royal Flush Facial or Formula 1 Pitstop Facial. So if you would like to spoil Dad, Granddad or any other Super Hero in your life, secure your booking today!

Visit www.mommywellness.co.za for more information on the treatments or packages, or find them inside Mommy Wellness Day Spa Somerset West , Shop G16, The Sanctuary Shopping Centre c/o R44 and De Beers Street. Or simply give them a call on 021 492 3860 to book your next time-out session!

Facebook: Mommy Wellness Day Spa 
Instagram: @mommywellness


Does your dad love camping?

Let Bush Lapa blow your mind. It’s the ingenious offroad caravan solution for the adventurer who travels off the beaten track but likes fuss-free convenience. Think light. Think 4×4. Think compact. Think queen sized bed. Think 10 minute set-up, fully equipped kitchen and long lasting rust resistance. Add to this a brilliant after sales service to complete the package.



Please visit our website to view the various options available and contact us for a pricelist: www.bushlapa.com


How about a weekend away to treat your hubby?

For the mothers out there who are looking for ideas for your husband, spoil him this Fathers’ Day with a romantic weekend away at a stunning hotel.


The Devon Valley Hotel is based in the Stellenbosch Winelands and offers luxurious accommodation for a special weekend away. Spoil your wife with a romantic dinner at the gourmet restaurant, and an even more romantic night away in the beautiful vineyard accommodation.

For more information and bookings, please contact  021 865 2012 or send an email to info@devonvalleyhotel.com


An Enjoyable Healthy Eating Cookbook

Many dads love to cook and spoil their family with delicious healthy foods. Spoil YOUR dad this Fathers’ Day with a cookbook that covers easy, quick, cost-effective, and delicious healthy meals! 


Go Natural Is the most complete and comprehensive health book that you will ever read. This book will guide you to dis-ease free living. The main purpose of Go Natural Wisdom for Healthy Living is to empower modern people to live healthily and DIS-EASE free despite a changed environment that is filled with refined, adulterated, preserved and chemically laden foods. It will help the reader to navigate the deceptions and many other modern health evils and land-mines that exist today. Exposure to these modern variables and deceptions is precisely the reason for the manifestation of so many modern dis-ease conditions.

“My journey to recovery taught me that SICKNESS is no ACCIDENT there is a CAUSE and EFFECT principle at work. Let me explain: This is my tenth year of recovery from a dreaded disease, Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. And boy, was I dis-eased! I was at a dead end in terms of my health. I very nearly was confined to a wheel chair. I was declared medically unfit to work and was left expecting the worst. Modern medicine could offer me no help or hope. I however refused to accept that my body would make such a mistake. I set about searching for the root cause of the problem. At the eleventh hour by grace I discovered an array of root causes and deceptions.

Once these modern harmful variables were removed, I began the journey to recovery. On my journey I opened can after can of the proverbial worms only these weren’t worms, but rather deceptions. It made me realise that there are many systems that fail the general public. One can simply not trust everything that one is presented with without thorough research. The information and wisdom gained through my journey not only saved my life, but it changed my life and purpose forever. I now feel compelled to share this lifesaving information with as many people as possible so I’ve compiled the Go Natural message for you. Everything you need to know about holistic common-sense healthy living is contained in this book. It also includes 72 delicious recipes to start you on the road to HEALTHY LIVING. This Go Natural message changed my life forever for the good, now is it your turn to take your second chance.” – Johan Jacobs, author and founder of Go Natural.

Website: gonatural.co.za


A Subscription to a Magazine That Gives LIFE

A magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving – you pay a once-off upfront fee, and you receive a year’s worth of content, delivered to you each month. Spoil your dad by buying him a subscription to his favourite magazine.


We are living in a perilous era, where even the media cannot be trusted. Influential powers, such as politicians, have been observed to have swayed the media into reporting biased news, in favour of such influential powers. This is not only true to local news stations, but is also true on a global and international scale. Many tactics have been utilised, such as fake news, clickbait headlines, and a genuine lack of fact-checking. In this era where our culture is veering further and further away from God’s order and His truths, it is so important to be aware of what you are consuming and filling yourself with. Proverbs 4:23 warns us to “Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Here at JOY, we are utterly sold-out for the Gospel. Our only goal is to do whatever we can to further the Lord’s Kingdom here on earth by educating and informing Christians of a Biblical worldview.

Spoil your dad this Fathers’ Day by giving him a 1-year subscription to JOY! Magazine, for only R299! Receive a FREE Word Search book with every subscription. Subscribe by contacting us today:

Facebook: JOY! Magazine
Phone:  021 852 4061
Email: info@joymag.co.za


A Memorable Local Tour

Husbands and Fathers, treat your wife with an experience that she will NEVER forget. Spoil her with a local cruise on an MSC ship, and watch her heart burst with joy as you let her know.


JOY! Travel is the leader is local luxury tours. Treat yourself and your family with cruises and themed tours to the Portuguese Islands starting from only R5940 SHARING. JOY! Travel also leads a number of international tours every year, including to Turkey, Russia, Netherlands, Europe, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and the most common – Israel. Travel in luxury – travel without stress – travel with JOY!

Website: www.joytravel.co.za
Email: info@joytravel.co.za
Phone: 021 852 4061

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