If you were to suggest one food that needs to be eliminated from your diet, what would it be? If there were one food that you would suggest to add to your diet today, what would it be?

Which foods should we avoid?

The need for food

It is critical to understand the body’s needs, requirements, and intricate workings for food. Once food is properly digested, it turns into thousands of small ‘blocks’ to nourish the body at a cellular level. One of the primary reasons for daily building of these ‘blocks’ is to maintain the body.

Your body consists of approximately seventy-five trillion cells. Each specific cell type has a limited life expectancy. For example, your outer layer of skin cells lasts for approximately five weeks. They then lose integrity and functionality, and get replaced with a new layer of cells. This happens with all of your cells in the body. Every day, millions of old, unnoticed cells are replaced with new ones. Every morning when you look in the mirror, you are a partially new being – this is amazing. I define this as God’s maintenance plan. God designed His food chain around us, thousands of years ago, and He made it perfect, to ensure that His beings can live healthfully. Praise God for His food chain.

We must appreciate and understand that the integrity and quality of the new cells are primarily based on the quality of the building blocks/nutrients that we receive. The objective is to replace the old cells with equal or better quality building blocks.

If you are on a modern diet of refined and processed foods, the building blocks are far weaker in integrity and less by mass. Certain foods today are a shocking 400% less nutrient-dense than they used to be, in the good old days before factory foods existed. Sadly, our modern ‘foods’ possess inferior quality building blocks.

Unfortunately, in our diets today, we include many chemical preservatives and toxins in order to enjoy on the go, convenient, quick-fix meals. This exposes the unsuspected end-user to unnatural risk factors that lead to accelerated aging and ‘dis-ease’.

In my view, the two most dangerous substances that are consumed by the modern man are SUGAR and WHITE FLOWER products.

Modern technology has allowed us to isolate and concentrate certain nutrients out of a food source, such as sugar cane and grain. Refined sugar and white flour pose a long shelf life, as there is nothing within them that can go off.

In the process, these substances have lost all of their natural nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and so forth. This is why we call them ‘empty calories’. I call them the two ‘Great-White Sharks’ of modern ‘foods’. They are both deadly, and over time when ingested, will render havoc in your body.

Sugar and white flour are only sweeteners and fillers, and do no good to the body since they provide no nutrients. As a matter of fact, it is proven that one is more nutrient deficient after eating these substances than prior to. Sugar and starch have nearly the same detrimental effect on the body; the only difference is the speed of time. Sugar is almost immediately absorbed into the blood stream whereas white flour products have an approximate thirty-minute delay until all the starch (long chain sugars) is digested and converted into blood sugar. The body was never designed to cope with these vast amounts of unnatural sugars.

When one thinks about it, we actually cannot call them foods, as they do not nourish the body, but rather are only destructive. A better title would be a drug, as they are highly addictive.


Negative consequences of sugar and white flour products:

  • Constipation that leads to a toxin overload.
  • Nutrient castration, the new need for supplements – now you pay twice to get food.
  • Extraordinarily high blood sugar levels.
  • Sadly but surely your body will store all these sugars in a more condensed form, called body fat.
  • Overweight, will progress into obesity, then normally diabetes, and ultimate heart diseases.
  • ADD and ADHD.
  • Cancer thrives on sugar.
  • And many more…

Sometimes I can hardly understand how these dangerous substances can still be legal, how did it they permission to be on our food stores, and how can they bear the noble label of a food?

Where is sugar and white flour found?

Sugars and white flour are found in soft drinks, sweets, and almost all canned, boxed, and packaged foods. White flour is found in white and brown breads, pizza bases, pasta, cakes, cookies, cereal porridges, and as fillers in many processed foods. Sugars are found in everything that comes in a bottle, packet, or box – things that do not hang from trees.

The question is:

How to live without sugar and white flour?

The simple answer is:

The solution is to only go natural. To go natural is to go God’s way. To eat only unadulterated foods that He created for us. There are many solutions in our book Go Natural. You can replace all of these bad foods with the natural, real deal.

I invite you to read Go Natural and to discover how to cook with living, nutrient rich ingredients so that you can take control of your food and health.

The Go Natural benefits are multiple – free from the shackles of “dis-ease” and medicine, with abundant vitality and joy!

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