Written by: Erin Georgiou
Article source: JOY! Magazine

“Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” – Galatians 6:7

I love the scripture above! I believe that it is such an important aspect of living a blessed Christian life. I am so grateful that I had a very generous father who, from a very early age, taught me this biblical principle. He was a man who liberally gave love, wisdom, respect, and kindness to his family. He taught my siblings and me gratitude and manners, as well as to always keep a promise. My father always demonstrated generosity when he had the opportunity. He gave to anyone who asked something from him, no matter how small or humble the gift. He always carried a few spare coins in his pocket and told me that it was his ‘giving’ money. Remember, coins had great value back in those days.

Content with what the Lord had blessed us with
We never had much as a family, but then neither did anyone else; we wanted for nothing. Not once did we go without a meal – even though times were tough for everyone in South Africa back in those days. Hand-me-down clothes were received with great excitement. Sweets were only ever received when visitors came for tea, which was about once a month. We put sugar on bread and that was our sweet treat if we needed it. We delighted, as children, to go for walks in the neighbourhood, searching the ground for any money that may have been lying in the street. It’s amazing how much one finds, we were never disappointed! These coins would buy us a packet of ‘slap chips’ with extra vinegar at the local café, or a handful of Wilson’s toffees (or jaw-breaking Wicks bubblegum).

Always give, even when it is hard
To this day I still put all the coins that I receive in little piles near shops or other visible places. One day the Lord will show me the delight on the faces of those who find these. When I became a Christian I was taught to give to God. What an incredible privilege – to support the Church and those who teach the Gospel. I want for nothing. Truly, my most hallowed times have come from being able to bless others. I thank God from the bottom of my heart for saving me. I also thank Him for every person He has sent across my path who has taught me the scriptures and biblical principles to live by. God is my provider – He gives me seed so that I may live and that I may try to be a blessing to others, all for His glory.

An abundant life in Christ
I pray that every reader receives a full revelation of this scripture and that they too may always sow and reap bountiful blessings of love, care, friendship, respect, finances, food, fellowship, and discipleship. All of this makes up the abundant life that Jesus promises.

Feature image: pixabay.com

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