Written by: Janet Brann-Hollis
Article source:  JOY! Magazine

2021 is the beginning of a completely new year for those who follow the Gregorian calendar. God reveals His plans and purposes to us for preparation, warning, and adjustment. 2021 will not ease the pandemic, which has changed the course of our nation, so what is God wanting us to focus on within our walk in this year?

Worship transforms lives
Covid-19 threw us many curve balls and our individual relationship was severely tested. It is the strength of our worship relationship that will sustain us through this new year. In the account of Jesus speaking with the woman at the well, He draws her attention to worship and the physical location whereby the Jews worshipped. She identifies that Jesus is “the prophet”, He gives a word of knowledge, and her identity is transformed. It was a life of worship in Spirit and in truth that Jesus spoke of. It is not the building, the mountain, the city, or the worship team – these factors were and are not the issue.

Trading false identities
It is pure unadulterated worship to Father God, the time that we set aside daily, whereby we trade our false identities for His image and His plans. False identities are often rooted in our successes, our image, our wealth, our ministries, etc. 2021 will challenge all of these… Much baggage need not be carried in this year if our relationship is sustained by a lifestyle of personal worship being our utmost priority.

Don’t compromise on a lifestyle of worship
Press in persistently, be transformed in your identity, and the fruit will be evident to all. God is warning His Bride, without this kind of lifestyle, we will not endure what is coming on the earth.


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Feature image: unsplash.com
Janet Brann-Hollis is a SA prophet based at Acts Church, Midrand. She is part of Harvest International Ministry’s apostolic network and the Regions Beyond Network. She is the founder of SA Back to God and Ruach Ministries. Email janet@ruachministries.co.za

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