Written by: Julie Williams
Article Source: TruthTV

With kids at home a lot more than usual, it can be hard to balance out TV time, school work, and active playtime. Television specifically can be quite a challenge, as the sheer volume of unlimited (and unfiltered) content piping into our homes has meant that we’re often overwhelmed by choice, but underwhelmed by options that reflect our beliefs.

TruthTV steps into this content free-for-all with a curated streaming service, focussing on faith and family values entertainment, giving parents peace of mind about the entertainment options available to their kids and content that reflects their values. TruthTV is a video on demand service, just like Netflix, Showmax and Amazon Prime.

Here are Truth TV’s top tips to help you tackle parenting in 2021 head on:

1. Plan What You Can
After this long break, our kids need to start getting into a little routine and some expected rhythms – even if they’re not going to school yet. Perhaps this will mean starting to bring bedtimes a little earlier, and waking up a little earlier too. Add more structure to the day… breakfasts at a certain time, screens off for a certain amount of the day, a designated time for outside play, inside reading/activity time slots too, lunch and supper times, etc.

Predictable routines are really comforting for kids, especially in these unpredictable times. If you have older kids, you might want to get them collaborating on the family plan – for maximum buy-in. For younger kids, consider making your plan/roster full of visuals that they can ‘read’ to start knowing what to expect when.

2. Screen their screen time
With most kids spending more time on screens than ever before, it’s never been more important to screen what’s on their screens – making sure it’s wholesome and uplifting. Truthtv.com is South Africa’s first Christian streaming service offering parents complete peace of mind thanks to their hand-picked content. No SNVL (sex, nudity, violence, language), blasphemy or OMG’s, for just R129/month. Subscribers have unlimited access to carefully selected faith-based movies, series and kids shows.

3. Keep The Conversations Flowing
Get on your child’s level, figuratively, and literally. It is not always easy to also be as interested as they are about their favourite game or toy. TruthTV encourages every family to have open conversations about life and faith. Here are some suggestions specific to these films:

4. Plan For Family Time
Pinpoint moments to take mini-breaks to spend time with your kids. Especially if you’re working from home, the temptation will be to work more than you should – in every gap that you get.

Make pancakes together on a weekend morning, watch a movie at home together with huge bowls of popcorn, bring all the duvets and mattresses into the lounge for a family sleepover, build a fire and toast marshmallows on it (definitely not in the lounge), or play family board games when you can.

 5. Boredom Can Be Beautiful
Don’t fear the ‘B’ word! In a world saturated with bright lights and things to do 24/7, letting our kids get bored is an art in and of itself! But it’s precisely when the noise is turned down and the must-do activities are few and far between, that new ideas can be born, that imaginations can be raised back to life, and that creative thoughts can begin to grow. Don’t rush to alleviate your child’s boredom.

6. Give Yourself A Break
Figuratively, and literally. A global pandemic is never a good time to start fixating on all your flaws and perceived failings. Go easy on yourself, and those around you. Pick your battles. Also, pinpoint actual, literal moments to take mini-breaks. Especially if you’re working from home, the temptation will be to work more than you should – in every gap that you get.

But as important as work is, we also need to safeguard our own emotional well-being – modelling to our kids how to work hard and play hard.

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