–by Errol Naidoo

Threats against the family are interchangeable with threats against society. They are one and the same. As the family goes, so goes society. The family is the building block of society. When families break down – society breaks down. As a result – society is only as strong as the family. Every member of society is negatively affected when the family breaks down. Even stable intact families bear the brunt of family breakdown. Governments compensate for family breakdown through social welfare. The more the family breaks down, the more welfare budgets have to increase.

Family Policy Institute


The LGBTI agenda
A major threat against marriage and the natural family is the global LGBTI agenda. This agenda seeks to redefine marriage and the family to fit its radical view of human sexuality. The redefining of marriage and the natural family is dangerous because it distorts God’s blueprint for human relationships and undermines the vital foundational institutions of civilisation. The two-parent, biological family, still presents the best environment for the child’s psychological, emotional, and physical wellbeing and is the only family structure that positively contributes to the economic success of nations. Those promoting unnatural sexual practises and alternative family structures, view the natural family as an obstacle to the legitimisation of their radical social agenda. 

The decline of marriage has led to a loss of social cohesion
Marriage and children force men to grow up. Marriage makes them responsible, by giving them a sense of purpose. It gives women the security to become mothers. Marriage is as old as humanity itself. Before there were nations, before there were governments, before there was civil society – there was the family, consisting of a man and a woman and their children. Children need both male and female role models, something conspicuously absent from same-sex arrangements. There is no substitute for a man and a woman – a father and a mother – in the home. Biblical marriage and the natural family remains the tried and tested foundation of society. Human history attests to this fact. Marriage has been the cornerstone institution since the dawn of civilisation. The natural family is the only institution ordained by God to protect, support, and nurture future generations. It is the building block of society with proven benefits for people.

Society’s foundations are crumbling
When marriage and the family weaken and disintegrate, the foundations of society crumble. That means that men, women, and children all suffer the catastrophic consequences of social chaos and eventual economic collapse. The Church also suffers. Governments must increase welfare budgets to compensate for family breakdown. Crime, violence, and other social disorders all skyrocket as a result of family dysfunction. Taxes increase to keep pace with escalating social welfare demands and soaring law-enforcement and health budgets. Family breakdown can ruin economies because the demand for social welfare often outstrips the tax income of nations. 

Defend, protect, and strengthen Biblical marriage
It is therefore in the interest of every man, woman, Church, and government to defend, protect, and strengthen Biblical marriage and the natural family. The health, welfare and prosperity of nations depend entirely on these God-given foundational institutions. There is no alternative for the natural family.

Errol Naidoo is the President of  Family Policy Institute. His organisation acts as a  Christian voice in government and  the media. For more information:  www.familypolicyinstitute.com

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