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Article source: JOY! Magazine

As the years starts to come to an end, many young adults are wondering what the next year may hold. While some may be eager to hop straight into tertiary education, many may be seeking some time to rest, travel, and decide what their future has in store for them. A Gap Year can be a waste of money and time for many, if not utilised correctly. However, a Gap Year can also be an extremely important time in one’s life, where they grow, learn, and build their character – discovering God’s plans and purposes for their life.

So many options, where to start?
There many options for the youth today, although Covid may have thrown a proverbial spanner in the works for any travel plans. There are, however, many local and online Gap Year options for the youth. Over the next few pages we have featured a few stunning programmes and ideas that we can recommend, and we encourage all youth, parents, and grandparents to look into these options (and others) and pray for the Lord’s guidance. A gap year can actually be the best thing for your child, if you help them identify their intentions for the year ahead. This is an exciting time and a huge milestone!

10 reasons for going on a gap year:
• You get to experience different cultures and lifestyles.
• You meet different types of people, some of whom become contacts or life-long friends.
• It can serve as an opportunity to investigate your chosen career and to see whether it really is what you want to do.
• You learn responsibility and gain independence.
• You can travel, see the world and do something you really enjoy.
• You can earn money and save to contribute to future studies, a car, etc.
• You will learn new skills that you can use for the rest of your life.
• You can make a difference in the lives of others if you commit to a worthwhile project.
• You can gain a clearer idea of your career plans.
• You can gain valuable experience in a specific line of work that could improve your chances of employment back home.

African Enterprise – Foxfire 


2022 Applications – Now open
You Are Called For A Time Such As This!

18-25yr olds. Applications close: 31 October 2021
Based In Pietermaritzburg

Training. Adventure.Discovery. Mission
Includes Seven Certificate Courses
Cost R18,000 for the year which includes:
Accommodation, Meals, Training, Missions etc
*Payment options  are available.

081 420 3634 / 033 347 1911

Follow us on: 

YWAM Muizenberg


Go for God.
Join a global movement, full of young people driven by a passion to know God and make Him known.

YWAM Muizenberg is a multi-cultural community which embraces, equips, and launches all people into all nations to reveal Christ and His Kingdom. We are a wild mixture of people from all across the world with diverse passions, callings and gifts, with our love for Jesus uniting us all. We would love for YOU to be a part of what God is doing in this nation and beyond.


Instagram: @ywammuiz
Facebook: @ywammuizenberg


Beyond Adventure


Full & half year options now available!
January – June | July – November

The concept of ‘extreme education’ was designed to provide a challenging environment for young people to discover and develop their leadership potential  

What makes your programme extreme and adventurous?
We offer students a wide range of extreme activities to participate  in such as: sky diving, bungee  jumping, scuba diving, mountain biking, abseiling, kayaking etc.

What is the value of a gap year programme?
A gap year gives young people time to reflect on what they think would be the college/varsity or career choice best suited to their needs. It allows them to clarify their interests and become aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

We also believe a gap year allows them to take advantage of  learning  that  takes  place  outside  the  classroom  and apply these skills in real life situations, within a protected environment. It is imperative that youths experience life in communities different from those in which they have been living and our extreme gap year programme offers them this experience. We further believe that gap years allow students to learn about a variety of careers before making a critical decision and to gain maturity, initiative and resourcefulness, all valuable life skills.

What outcome  do you hope is achieved  in every student’s life once completing your programme? Our programme  is designed to  meet, challenge and grow the complete  individual, body, soul and spirit, as we train tomorrow’s leaders today. Our desire is for the young person to have fun and ‘discover themselves’ as they are developed into a person with vision and purpose. We endeavour to take boys and girls and to mould them into young men and women that will have a positive influence on our society and the world.

Describe  how  the  programme  works  –  when  is your intake,  how long does it last and how much does it cost?
The   Beyond  Adventure   Extreme  Leadership   Gap  Year Programme  was  launched  in  2001.  We are  located   100 kilometres north east of Port Elizabeth in Alicedale. We are situated close to some of the great game reserves such as Addo  Elephant Park and  Shamwari. Our programme  runs from the last week in January till the middle of November. The students are accommodated in rooms where they will learn to live with three other students. Cost enquires and further info can be obtained from our offices as well as our website www.beyondadventure.co.za, under the download section.

What makes your programme unique as opposed to other Gap year courses?
We believe  the  Beyond  Adventure concept  to  be  unique in South Africa. The concept of ‘Extreme Education’ was designed to provide a challenging environment for young people to discover and develop their leadership potential. Leadership deals with  direction,  vision,  purpose  and principles and our leadership programme focuses on building the students up, making them aware of other cultures, helping them with emotional bank account building and strengthening them as individuals functioning in a group context.

Most  importantly, we run a programme that is founded on Biblical principles with Jesus Christ as the foundation stone.

For more info contact us on T: 042 231 8051 | F: 086 618 4803 | E: baregistrations@myriver.co
Beyond Adventure Campus | Bushman Sands Lodge & Golf Estate | Alicedale Eastern Cape

Website: beyondadventure.co.za 
Facebook.com: beyond.adventure

Impact Gap year


Impact Gap year is Christian based and is situated on the Vaal River.

Over 20 courses are on offer, some Biblical (Simply Mobilizing courses) and others skills development, (e.g. computers A+, Tourism, Nutrition, mechanical, cooking etc.)

We also have a lot of fun activities and outings.  Plenty of outreach opportunities, travel and community work.  For a full list of all we offer, please check our website: www.impactmt.co.za

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