Written by: Louisa Bezuidenhout
Article source: JOY! Magazine

Technology, it’s the buzz word! The earlier we can get our children exposed to it, the better. Right? I am not so sure, be careful. We have a Trojan Horse in our midst and very few seem to sound the alarm. I have some concerns. Let us mirror technology against the backdrop of the Bible. The lives of our children are at stake and we need to say something about it, before too many young lives are destroyed. I am going to address a few points of concern and am confident that you will be able to add to my list:

Anxiety levels are increasing at an alarming rate
My husband and I recently joined a new medical aid. He went to the doctor and submitted the proof of payment to the medical aid. To his dismay, they did not accept it as the form reflected my information and not his. He tried to contact them telephonically, but was directed to a switchboard with a myriad of selections to choose from and decided to email instead. He sent the email, and after two weeks the issue was still not resolved. I then spoke to the receptionist who issued the proof of payment, requesting a new one with the correct information on it. Her reply was: “Unfortunately, I cannot do it?” “Why not”? I asked. I could already feel the frustration building up within me. No, she first needs to contact “someone” who would give her the permission to change it. I left her office and returned home. Computers are making lives easier to a great extent, but they will never be able to replace the human touch.

We have a Trojan Horse in our midst and very few seem to sound the alarm.

Social skills are on the decline
We are social beings. That is the way God has created us. But, the digital age has come and silently made some major changes, and very few seem to notice the red lights blazing! Have you been in a conversation with someone and instead of making eye contact with you, they keep glancing at their phone? What is the message we give others when they are talking to us, and we are busy texting? The person receiving the text is more important than they are. When I want to speak to someone and they are busy texting, I just stand and wait for them to finish.

FOMO: Fear of missing out!
FOMO is the disease of our age. We need to check all possible media and social platforms because we cannot afford to miss out on anything important, right? Yet, when Jesus was about to be taken up into heaven, He promised His disciples that He would send them the Holy Spirit. He is our Helper, and He leads us into all truth. In John 11, Jesus gets word that a close friend of his, Lazarus, is gravely ill. He does not leave everything and rush to help Lazarus. No, four days after his death, Jesus arrives on the scene. To me, this is very profound. Why did He take that long to get to Lazarus? Why did He not leave immediately the moment He received the news? I always wonder what Jesus was doing at the time when He received the news. There is so much that we can learn from His life. He never rushed.

No more privacy
We meet new people and some of them become close friends, while others remain acquaintances. That’s okay. As human beings, we don’t have the capacity to have a vast number of friends and spend equal amounts of time with each of them. Jesus addressed the masses, but He had twelve disciples. He often spoke in parables and interpreted them to His disciples when they were alone. There are certain things about me that only my friends know, and other things that only my husband knows. I do not have any dark secrets to hide; it is called privacy. We are living in a fallen world and unfortunately, we cannot trust everyone. Posting information on social media can be dangerous and place our loved ones at risk. Friends and family members can get hold of us, but so can those who do not have our best interests at heart. We need to teach our children to be careful whom they contact on the internet.

The digital age has silently made some major changes, and few seem concerned.

Depression abounds
We have all experienced a feeling of sadness from time to time, and that is normal. We are more prone to these feelings when we are physically and emotionally tired. It is very different when a person experiences feelings of depression and hopelessness for a considerable length of time. The mistake many make is to seek relief on social media. Browsing through the internet and looking at Facebook leaves one feeling more depressed. People post photos where everyone looks happy and on top of the world. While following people on social media, one often gets a distorted view of reality. We all get tired and upset. When we get up in the mornings our hair is uncombed, our teeth need to be brushed and, for many ladies, we need to put make-up on. No wonder depression is on the rise as the demands on our fragile bodies are ever increasing.

Set boundaries
Dear friends, let us consider our lives and the lives of the precious children God has given to us. We don’t need to remove technology from our lives, but we do need to set firm boundaries in place to protect our families.

Louisa Bezuidenhout – Keen JOY! reader and Sole Proprietor of Hope Tutoring Academy. Email hopetutoring24@gmail.com

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