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From its earliest days, Christianity has had a strong link with the arts and depictions of the faith. It follows that photography is one of many ideal outlets for the faith, and according to The Guardian, followers of Christ have been producing art since the earliest days of the now-humble camera. Today, with photography so accessible through the quality of smartphones, and with storage an easy challenge to face thanks to the internet, there has never been a better time to turn photography professional in the worship of Christ.

Evangelising through imagery
Evangelism is a core tenet of many people’s Christian journey. As the BBC outline, some converts to the faith feel inspired by God to evangelise from their first moments. Photography provides a wonderful outlet to evangelise from. Whether strictly faith-based messages, or something less directed, such as shots of the natural landscapes shaped by God, there are options. Photographers also have the option of making this a professional venture. A newly founded photography business can be used to spread the good word using the tools and techniques available to any digital business owner.

Building a deeper connection
Simply having your imagery in and around your everyday environment can help to build your connection to God. A feature by Seattle Pacific University highlights this connection: theologians have known for centuries the innate connection between nature, God, and personal spirituality. Spending time snapping nature, and then decorating the home, office and elsewhere with these images, helps to create a constant reminder of the glory of His creations in a way that can help to promote your own relaxation and mental well-being.

An appreciation of people
Alongside nature photography, many enthusiasts enjoy urban snapping. Looking at historic buildings; taking photographs of everyday people walking by; enjoying the hustle and bustle of the modern city street. All of these things are impossible without God, and all of these things are a result of his creation. Just as nature reflects His grace, so do the journeys that people take every single day, having been made in His image.

For that reason, photography is a gateway, an insight, into faith. It helps to build faith, and it acts as a constant reminder as to the everyday grace of God. Using it professionally to help evangelise His message is a step further, but one that can help to build your faith even further and help others on their journey too.

Feature image: unsplash.com

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