Written by: Janet Brann-Hollis
Article source: JOY! Magazine

With the commencement of the new Hebrew decade 5780 – and the symbolic Hebrew meaning being that of the “mouth” – Psalm 29 is fitting for us to explore the relevance thereof. Have you ever considered the power of the voice of the Lord being released through your mouth and the mouth of the prophet? It was Moses who stated: “Oh that all God’s people would prophesy…” Under the new covenant we have that very privilege, yet few of us understand it.

Time to declare God’s Word
This present decade is a time to declare the Word of the Lord. Psalm 29 describes the outcomes of declaring and prophesying, speaking in advance that which God has placed on your lips:

  • Verse 5 – His voice is so powerful that it breaks the cedars of Lebanon. Cedar being one of the most toxic of all woods. The creative power of the prophetic word removes all toxicity from your circumstances, releasing God’s pure destiny.
  • Verse 8 – His voice shakes the wilderness of Kadesh. Wilderness is a place of desolation, God’s prophetic word will release new life into every situation, bringing creativity to all forms of unproductivity.
  • Verse 9 – His voice makes the deer give birth. By speaking and affirming the Word of the Lord into the heavens, the power to give birth is released. New revelation comes forth giving hope, meaning, and purpose to one’s destiny.
  • Verse 11 – May strength and peace be the blessing of God’s people. By heeding and obeying, by speaking, His voice becomes our strength and our peace. It is His voice that creates that inner peace and tranquility, giving strength to overcome each situation.

Understand the power that we have
As we learn to understand the power and authority that each of us have residing within our spirit man, each one of us must practice aligning our authority together with the Word of the Lord on our tongue. We will then be taken into a new realm of creative power, a realm where we witness the shaking of the wilderness, the power to give birth, and the strength for each new day.

This is the blessing of the prophetic word.

Janet Brann-Hollis is a SA prophet based at Acts Church, Midrand. She is part of Harvest International Ministry’s apostolic network and the Regions Beyond Network. She is the founder of SA Back to God and Ruach Ministries. Email janet@ruachministries.co.za

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