Written by: Nicola Middleton, thought leader, NicolaBrands

Words are spiritual. Sound is spiritual. With our words we shape, change and evolve the planet.

To fully appreciate and become sensitised to the power of each and every one of our tongues, is a huge concept to grasp. The critical awakening is to be awakened to the power that sits inside my tongue, the mouth and tongue I use daily and I have control and authority over.

The Bible says:  “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21). The Bible also says: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7).

Let us begin at the beginning with our own right thinking. The right beginning is to recognise that “I am a spirit being having a human experience”. I am made in the image of God. Just as  God spoke the world into existence and created everything that is manifested in the natural world out of sound, so you and I too, have this same power within us. 

Everything we see around us, that is made by humans, has been created using sound first and all throughout. Before we practically do things, we speak them into existence. This way the spiritual energy that we are and that our sound carries, flows into the words we speak and opens the pathway for physical manifestation.

This is a profound realisation and awakening.  Take time to reflect and meditate on the opportunity and potential within your own voice and sound. Please go slow and allow this teaching time to sink in. Grasp what it really means. We have the opportunity to use our sound as a sharp and effective front-foot tool. Our sound is not just a means of communicating between people to make ourselves understood and to express ourselves. We can move beyond the initial step, from only a tool of communication, to also a tool for creating and manifesting.

I caution us also. The power of our sound is a double-edged sword. Both life and death are in the power of the tongue. We can use sound to build people up and to create amazing things. However, we can also use the power of our sound to break down and to destroy. Remember that the latter will produce the same harvest in our own world. We are warned in the Bible that God, our Creator,  is not mocked. He has designed very real and inviolable checks and balances into His Creation. This world is under His strong hand, under His authority and under His control alone. 

Yes, we have in our own mouth a glorious God-tool. Everyone has it. It’s free and it’s real.  It’s always been here. Maybe we were not ready to grasp its fuller potential. Let us now learn to master this tool and use it to the maximum, all good, all positive effect, doing good for self and everyone and everything around us.

Let us do the wisest and best thing we can with this revelation. Alongside finding and freeing our true voices, let us be conscious to clean up our act. Clean up our sound. Like spring-cleaning our room, we spring-clean our sound.  Listen to your own voice as you go about your day. Become conscious and aware. For example, if I find that I speak bad words, hatred, negativity, anger, heaviness, toxicity, judgement against someone else, let me put an end to it right now! Let me not poison others and be poisoned myself in the process. Have nothing bad to say about anyone ever. That’s the goal for humanity. I speak of ending negativity. It is not the same as being honest and real. They are two very different things.

If we feel any need at all to be negative, stop and look within. Ask: “Why do I need to do this?” It is most likely our own inner child and what they are suffering or lacking.  I believe our real enemy (but not only) and our real mountain, is on the inside. Others do not even know or appreciate what mountains we are climbing within or what battles we are having to fight. It’s personal and on the inside. Whatever we think the person outside of us is doing wrong, let us first look on the inside of self. “Do I have work to do on me?” “Is this a mountain that I need to climb and overcome and be victorious in?”

We can take all of our own power back now. Sound is that powerful. Our attitudes also are that powerful. We can clean up inside and we can master our sound. We can choose an all good and positive, always good and positive attitude. We can rise and thrive and all go higher together as the one human family that we are. Wisdom says: “Let us all step onto the positive page together. Let us make the negative a thing of the past.”

I challenge us. Do the inner work and find that we have only all good and positive and life-giving words and sounds for ourselves and everyone around us. Please now take the power of your own voice and choose to be a life-giver, be an encourager, be an opportunity-creator, be love, be life, be lightness, be joy, be living waters overflowing.

This wonderfully healthy, good and positive power lies within us all, freely available.  Together, as one, we the human family can manifest Heaven on Earth, using the power of your and my sound. Let us help each other to rise and to thrive. Amen.

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