– by André and Jenny Roebert

Jesus said that if we don’t bear evidence of what His Word says, we will be cut off as a withered branch; and if we don’t allow our saltiness to influence this world, we are of no significant value to the Kingdom of God. But, on the other hand, if we do abide in Jesus and have His Word remain and produce fruit in our lives so that we begin to live supernaturally by the power of His Holy Spirit, He said “Ask whatever you will and I will give it to you” – John 15:7. 

Willing and obedient
God has given us all these powerful and marvellous gifts of the Holy Spirit as tools to manifest His goodness and love on this earth. They are such a dynamic way to supernaturally represent the truth of Who He is to all people. When we stop being ignorant about them and learn to yield to the Holy Spirit, He will do His supernatural work through us! Can you imagine to what extent we can destroy the work of the devil and extend the Kingdom of God if we live this way? All we need to do is be willing and obedient to the Spirit of God Who lives inside us.

Operating differently
Now, when we explore the gifts of healings, there is a reason for the plural use of the words ‘gifts’ and ‘healings’. That’s because when people need the healing power of God in their lives, every situation is different, which means different gifts will work together to bring different healings. Smith Wigglesworth operated in the gifts of healings in such a powerful way, and he said the Holy Spirit would always reveal and teach him how to deal and work with each individual person that he would minister to. He said the most important requirement for this gift to work is to feel and be led by the compassion of God for the person who needs healing. He also said it’s vital to exercise the fruit of patience while ministering to them. He said he would always see the person through the eyes of God, being ready with a word of comfort for them, encouraging them in their faith. But he said he would always have a Holy anger towards the devil and the pain and suffering he inflicted on them. 

Handle sickness as you handle satan
There will be times when the Holy Spirit will reveal that something is amiss in the person’s life, either through a word of knowledge or the gift of discernment. In some cases, they may have neglected certain things in their lives that gave place to the devil, and they first need to deal with that before healing can take place. Things like unforgiveness or known sin can certainly give the devil permission to hold them in bondage through sickness. Once that is taken care of, Wigglesworth would feel the faith of God rise inside him, and his own faith would rise to embrace that conviction and he would curse the sickness or whatever was plaguing that person and holding them in bondage.

God lives within us
The Bible says we have been given the power to bind and loose on earth, whatever is bound and loosed in heaven, and it’s important to remember that it’s not our power that deals with the devil, but the power of the Living God who lives inside us. We are a temple; a vessel filled with the Holy Spirit Who longs to operate His supernatural healing power through us!

Article source: JOY! Magazine

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