Written by: Dr Belinda Spannenberg
Article source: JOY! Magazine

In a vision I saw the Lord place a crown of glory and fire upon His bride’s head as a mark of readiness for His return. As much as it is beautiful, this crown is costly and sadly not everyone is willing to pay the price to wear it – even though they desire to have it.

Even though Jesus paid the complete price at the Cross, we, His remnant Bride, are still required to endure the cost of becoming carriers of His glory. You see the anointing is placed on man to fulfil his calling, but the glory is the very nature and substance of God Himself. Unlike the anointing, the glory cannot be transferred, it has to be earned.

Submit to His will
How, you may ask? By dying to yourself, your ambitions, and your agenda and submitting your will to His will. Before you qualify to wear the crown of glory, you first have to bear the cross.
But when you say yes, the glory you receive far outweighs the pain of the cross you had to bear; then you’re able to be a carrier of His glory and release it upon people, places, and platforms as He sends you.

Darkness is upon the people
We desperately need glory carriers in the world today because the days are evil, even though the Lord is good. Darkness is upon the people and gross darkness upon the nations, but those who have said ‘yes’ are now able to release the light of His glory and shift the atmosphere of nations and take back territory and kingdoms for the Lord (Isa 60:1).

We have been strategically positioned in leadership upon the seven mountains of society to take back what belongs to God and to rule and reign where He has placed us, exercising the dominion of this glory crown and seeing His kingdom come and His will done.

Are you willing to be prepared to wear your crown?

Dr Belinda Spannenberg – Founder of Awaken Global and Prophetic Edge International. Email belinda@awaken-global.com

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