– by André and Jenny Roebert

Just like a small boat in a gigantic ocean, unless we deliberately choose to keep our hearts and minds connected to the source of our new life and freedom, we can lose our way and hope in a world where we are surrounded by trouble. Keeping ourselves in the centre of the current and flow of God’s life source will prevent us from wondering around aimlessly, at the mercy of our circumstances and the storms of life. In other words, being ignorant of God’s grace and truth will keep us from being in the centre flow of His mercy and blessing, and will prevent us from living in His continuous supernatural flow of abundant life. 

So, to hook up with the current or wind that ensures this vital connection and appropriates the blessing of God in our lives, there is a strategy that is simple and clear. It begins at the source of all beginnings – the Word of God!

To quote Kenneth Copeland, from his book “The Blessing of the Lord Makes Rich and Adds No Sorrow with It.”, he writes, “God’s Word will take you from living outside that blessing – where storms, disasters, and hard times tear up and destroy things, to living inside it, appropriating The blessing in your own life and replenishing the earth around you with it….”

The trouble is, we don’t spend enough time in God’s Word. And we can only blame ourselves for that. Somehow we always prioritise everything else above digging into the truth and mysteries of God’s wonderful truth and wisdom. So the first part of our strategy is to drop all those things that would hinder or steal our time from being with the Lord in His Word. 

Why is the Word so important to appropriating the blessing in our lives? Because the Word, when received into our hearts, produces faith! And just as it was for Abraham, the blessing is powered by our faith! Unless we believe and perceive this gift in our spirits first, we will never see it materialised in our natural lives. So, when we choose to purposefully and diligently put aside time to make the Word our priority, and draw ourselves near to the Lord this way, His response is immediate! James 4:8 says, “As we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us!” That’s how the blessing works!

André and Jenny Roebert are the founders of Faith Broadcasting Network South Africa. For more info visit: myfaithtv.com

Article source: JOY! Magazine

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