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Unfortunately, with all the toy advertisements, sales, and gift-giving, children can often get the wrong message about Christmas. Rather than seeing a meaningful holiday, a child sees a time to get. However, you can instill values in your kids around the holiday, so they learn what the season is all about.

Go to Church
You can tell your children all you want how the holiday originated. They don’t always absorb this information. Even if they understand it, the holiday is still so hectic and geared toward toys that it’s hard for kids to really comprehend what Christmas is about. Try taking your child to church either on Christmas or within the month of December. During this time, churches often have programs for children where they educate them about the meaning of the holiday. In many cases, they make it a joyous occasion where kids sing songs to help them grasp the concept of Christmas. 

Encourage Your Child to Donate
Around the holidays, people don’t stop suffering just because everyone around them is giving and getting. Ask your child to gather some of his or her old toys that he or she would like to donate to kids in need. Search for opportunities where your child can make a difference with those toys. For instance, organized charities, hospitals, and children’s centers are just some locations where you can bring in those gently used toys.

Refrain from Drinking
Unfortunately, the holidays are often filled with alcohol-fused events, from the office work parties to the other social gathers and even family events. It’s beneficial to refrain from alcohol during the holiday seasons, especially if you tend to overindulge have a problem. Additionally, it’s also for the sake of others who have a problem. You’re showing your child that you can still enjoy the holidays without consuming alcohol.

Find Volunteer Programs
Donating toys aren’t the only opportunities for children to learn the spirit of giving. Look in your area for soup kitchens, nursing homes, and animal shelters who have volunteer programs. Have your child volunteer with you. 

Pray and Play Together
Christmas is a wonderful time to introduce your child to prayer if you haven’t already. You don’t have to go to church to do so. You can teach your child the power of pray from your own home. Take opportunities over Christmas break to spare some time for family fun and games. Whether it’s board games or crafts, take time over your child’s holiday break to spend time with him or her participating in fun activities. Maybe consider baking cookies together and sharing them with your neighbors. Teach your children that being a family is what the season is really about.

The meaning of Christmas is muddled behind big business’ agenda of pushing their products. Sometimes, children start to think that the holidays are just about getting. However, it’s possible to teach your children values over the holidays without ruining the special day.

Author Bio: Patrick Bailey is a professional writer mainly in the fields of mental health, addiction, and living in recovery. He attempts to stay on top of the latest news in the addiction and the mental health world and enjoy writing about these topics to break the stigma associated with them. You can read more articles by him on his personal blog or in Sunshine Behavioral Health.

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