– by Harold F. Weitsz

For the Kingdom of God to establish itself in our land, we have to take up our authority that Jesus assigned to His Church and cast down demonic strongholds that obstruct the advancement of His Kingdom. It is therefore our responsibility to pray against strongholds of violence, corruption, corrupt political leadership, hatred, and racism. 

October Prayer Month is an annual event of radical prayer action whereby all Christians take hands and pray for national healing and restoration. We have and will continue to see the hand of God moving across our cities, as we pray and beseech the Father to bring peace and stability. We as Christians must have faith in our prayers, for only then will God answer from heaven and fulfil His promises. When Christians pray in unity; miracles happen, knowledge and wisdom is imparted to the nations’ leaders, resources are discovered, jobs are created, and there comes an alleviation of poverty. 

Pray for unity of all peoples in the land. Pray against the destructive spirit of racism that divides and destroys the dignity and self-worth of God’s creation, namely man. Every prayer warrior in this nation and abroad can join in on this mass prayer meeting through the various social media platforms. This can take place in homes, fellowship groups, churches, and even university students gathering at various facilities. Do not miss out, join God’s army and make a difference!

JOY! Magazine (September 2018)

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