– by Victor Kuligin

In 2016 the United States Supreme Court, in a split decision, ruled that homosexuals have a constitutional right to marriage. The ruling sent shock waves throughout the country, especially since over two dozen states had previously made their own constitutional rulings barring marriage between homosexuals, and many more states were looking to create similar legislation.

The gender ‘revolution’
Around the same time, Olympic athlete and reality television star Bruce Jenner declared that he no longer considered himself male and wanted to be known as Caitlyn Jenner. Quickly thereafter, debates ensued about men claiming to be women and wanting to use female bathroom and locker room facilities. Lawsuits were filed in several states, many by teenagers who claimed anti-discrimination laws allowed them to use the facilities for the gender they “self-identified with.”

Americans love the freedom of sin
I am an American who has lived in southern Africa since 1994, and I like to say that whatever Americans do, we do better than anybody else. Yes, there is a little patriotism in that statement, but it doesn’t simply refer to good things. I mean that when Americans decide to jump into sin, we do it with a vigor unmatched elsewhere in the world. In only a few months after our Supreme Court redefined marriage, every other redefinition jumped to the foreground. Americans love liberty; our country was founded on the principle. And we especially love the freedom to sin as much as we like.

I began writing Snubbing God: The High Cost of Rejecting God’s Created Order (Weaver Books, 2017) around the time of that Supreme Court decision. It struck me then as it does now that as western society persists in running down the path of rejecting God’s design and God’s ways, our countries will continue to unravel. 

South Africa has become morally corrupt
For the past eight years I have lived in South Africa. Despite an incredible heritage of Christian presence, Biblical ideals are often frowned upon in this republic. 80 000 abortions are performed annually, gay marriage has been legal for the past two decades, and a shocking number of Christian professors and pastors arrogantly thumb their noses at God and declare good what God declares a perversion. All the while they support their pursuits by twisting God’s Word, hiding behind their PhDs, and pretending they know better than the layperson in the pew who can normally recognise sin immediately.

Why are we so willing to move away from God’s plans and purposes and run headlong into what can only be described as self-destruction? This was the question I wanted to answer with Snubbing God, and the answer is fairly simple: because we distrust the Bible.

Evolutionary deception
I believe the adoption of an evolutionary framework into our Christian theology will be recognised in the future as one of the greatest errors ever made in Christianity. Christians who state that God used evolution to create humans after a three-billion-year process of mutations and natural selection, don’t understand science, or the Bible, or both. We are not made incrementally from worms; we are not made in the image of apelike creatures. We are made in the image of our intelligent, purposeful, live-giving God (Gen. 1:26-27). Evolution has at its heart randomness and death. Neither of these accord with God’s nature as revealed in the Bible. Death is something to be overcome, not accommodated. It is the last enemy to be defeated (1 Cor. 15:26). It is a punishment for humans who desired to be like God and in so doing, disobeyed Him. Death is not natural to earthly existence, nor was it part of the original design of creation. It is the result of human selfishness and pride.

“Science says it, so it must be right”
However, if you accept an evolutionary framework, then death has always been around. Always. It has reigned on the planet since the first microbes supposedly popped out of the goo. And it has been operative for the three billion years it allegedly took for a worm to miraculously change into a human being. These are the very things that atheists believe. Unfortunately, Christians have blindly adopted them, too, on the premise that “science says it, so it must be right.” And underpinning all of this is either an ignorance of God’s Word, or an outright rejection of it.

Evolutionary theory is rotten science
Evolutionary theory is rotten science, plain and simple. It has at its root a philosophical materialism that rejects the God of the Bible. Attempts by well-meaning Christians to maintain their belief in God and approve evolutionary theory in all its conclusions ignores how antithetical the God of evolution and the God of the Bible are.

Do you believe that Adam existed?
Would it surprise you that many evangelical Christian scholars now question if a real, historical man named Adam ever existed? Ask yourself why, and you’ll find that it has everything to do with evolutionary theory. According to evolutionists, there was no “first man.” There was most likely a population of about 10 000 or so apelike creatures from which humans slowly evolved.

On the other hand, the Bible says that God took a handful of dirt and made Adam, and Adam is named in the genealogy of Jesus (Luke 3:38). Why would some “evangelicals”—and by using that word, I mean Christians who believe the Bible is God’s Word—now claim there was no historical Adam? Because they have embraced the conclusions of evolutionary theory, which says there couldn’t have been.

I could provide similar examples of how well-meaning Christians have uncritically adopted the conclusions of atheistic science, all the while saying there is no conflict between the godless conclusions of atheistic evolutionary theory and the Bible. 

Christians should not support evolution
I wrote Snubbing God largely to expose the contradictions between marrying bad science with (bad) theology. Don’t get me wrong. There is also good science, that is done with God in mind. So much of the scientific enterprise before the twentieth century had theism at its heart, but much of today’s science is anti-God. Christians must stop mindlessly accepting its conclusions, or shoe-horning their Biblical interpretation into this corrupt science. The first four chapters of Snubbing God analyse the scientific enterprise and evolutionary theory, providing theological, Biblical, and scientific reasons why Christians should not adopt the evolutionary paradigm taught by modern science.

Which image are you?
The choice basically comes down to whether or not you believe humans are a special creation of God, made in His image, or advanced animals at the end of a random, meandering process of chance mutations. From this fundamental distinction will flow your ethics.

The abortion holocaust
Since 1960, it is estimated that globally we have aborted between 1.5 and 2 billion human lives. Yes, that is billions. How could humanity be so insensitive to such a holocaust? I would argue that part of the reason is because we have embraced an evolutionary mindset that equates humans with advanced animals.

Sex has become perverted
Sexual immorality in all its deviant forms runs through the fabric of most societies, but especially in those that legislate positively for it. What God has called darkness we often call light, usually couched in the language of “rights” and “privacy.” Sex, the very good gift of God given to humanity, is meant to be practiced in the confines of a monogamous, heterosexual marriage. Any perversion of it beyond that—including homosexuality, adultery, fornication, pornography, incest, bestiality, prostitution, and the like—goes against God’s design for his gift of sex, bringing immeasurable harm to us including STDs and other diseases.

Pornography and countless new genders
Pornography among pre-teens is on a shocking increase in western societies, all because we have decided we don’t like God’s design for sex. We don’t like God’s design for marriage so we divorce at the drop of a hat. God’s design for family is rejected and with it comes broken homes, dysfunctional children, and shattered dreams. Male and female were not good enough, so now we have created an almost endless (and equally silly) array of “genders.” In the last six chapters of Snubbing God, I deal with all these ethical “hot potatoes” in our world today, showing how with each one, as we move away from God’s design for his creation, we bring self-destructive consequences.

We have hope in Christ!
Thankfully, God did not leave us to our self-destruction, but He provided a way that we can be reconciled to Him through His Son Jesus. In that reconciliation we can have peace with fellow humans. But once we reject the Prince of Peace, we are left to the negative outcome.

Jesus came to reveal the Father to us. The character of the Son is precisely the same character as the Father’s. It is to the God of Scripture that we will give an account. Will we embrace His design for ourselves and His creation, or will be continue to thumb our noses at Him? The conclusion of Snubbing God is that if we continue to do the latter, we invite His judgement upon us.

DR. Victor Kuligin is an international author and speaker who served as a missionary in Africa for 24 years. He can be reached at v_kuligin@yahoo.com 

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