Written by: Dr Peter Hammond
Article source: www.christianaction.org.za

Why are Producers of Vaccines Indemnified Against Liability?
Truth does not fear investigation. Vaccines that are safe and effective do not need to be promoted by marketing, propaganda, bribes, threats, coercion, mandates and compulsion. Why are the vaccine producers indemnified against liability for any and all ill effects caused by their products? If the vaccines are really safe and effective, indemnity from liability would not be necessary.

To Vax or Not to Vax – That is the Question!
No government has the authority to interfere with Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Opinion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Worship, Freedom of Movement, or any of the other essential Freedoms which are the foundation of civilisation.

Coercion, Compulsion and Censorship Have no Place in Health Choices
Health does not require fear-mongering, guilt-manipulation, incessant propaganda, coercion, compulsion and censorship of opposing views.

Truth is Not Afraid of Being Questioned
Those telling the truth do not mind being questioned. Those propagating a lie always resent being questioned and seek to suppress alternative opinions. Facts are not afraid of investigation.

Unnecessary and Counter Productive
It is completely unnecessary and counter-productive to require people who have already contracted a virus, recovered from it and obviously have natural immunity, to take a vaccine. Especially an experimental, DNA-altering medical procedure.

A Cover for Colossal Corruption
It is outrageous that so many businesses and farms have been crippled by government regulations and restrictions, all in the name of combating a virus. The Covid Crisis is clearly a smokescreen for colossal corruption that has already looted many hundreds of Billions of dollars of Solidarity Funds meant for the relief of businesses forcibly closed and workers prevented from earning a living.

Covid Crisis Cover for Communist Controls
The Lockdowns have also been used for advancing a communist agenda through increasing state interference and controls and Economic Suicide. Communism is where the state dictates who can work (or travel), where they can work, when they can work, how they can work and you need to show your papers for even internal travel!

Freedom Under Fire
Those who love Freedom reject the Masquerade Madness, Lockdown Lunacy and Salvation by Vaccination Covid Cult. It is unacceptable that any government can mandate mask wearing, mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports.

Whatever Happened to Freedom of Choice?
Governments are meant to be civil servants, not totalitarian dictatorships who claim to own the body, life and freedom of its citizens (Luke 22:25 – 26). Freedom of Choice should be respected.

Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights are Being Violated
The Bill of Rights in the South African Constitution guarantees the Right to Life (Section 11), Freedom of Integrity of the Person (Section 12), Privacy (Section 14), Freedom of Religion, Belief and Opinion, the Right to Freedom of Conscience and Thought (Section 15). All of these basic rights are violated by mandatory lockdowns, mandatory masks and mandatory vaccinations or by vaccine passports.

Voluntary Informed Consent on Medical Procedures is Essential
The Nuremburg Code on Medial Ethics, the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, Article 6, and the Geneva Convention IV, 19, Article 32, require voluntary, informed consent for all medical procedures. It is a crime against humanity to use coercion, or compulsion, in matters of health or medicine.

Medical Ethics
It is the duty of any medical practitioner to prevent any medical procedure that can result in injury, disability, or death, to the patient. No one should be coerced to accept an injection that has death as one of the possible adverse reactions!

Adverse Reactions to the Vaccines
The European Union’s database of Adverse Drug Reactions has reported tens of thousands of deaths and millions of injuries from Covid vaccines. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) VAERS-Database has reported hundreds of thousands of adverse events and tens of thousands of deaths and serious injuries, just in the United States of America alone, as a result of the so-called vaccinations for Covid-19.

The Vaccines are More Dangerous Than the Virus
Childrenhealthdefence.com, Americasfrontlinedoctors.com, Mercola.com, Worlddoctorsalliance.com and other medical sites are warning that the vaccines are actually far more dangerous than the virus.

Why Are Reports of Adverse Reactions Being Ignored?
When the vaccine for Swine Flu resulted in 12 deaths, it was shut down. When there were 20 deaths from the Bird Flu vax, it was withdrawn from the market. It is inexplicable that after so many thousands of deaths, which have been documented to have occurred from these Covid vaccines, that they not only continue to be promoted, but are being mandated by governments and many companies. This is unacceptable and unethical.

It Is Criminal to Coerce Anyone to Take a Potentially Harmful Injection
The evident high risk of Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines should require them to be withdrawn from the market. All those advocating mandatory vaccinations and all businesses and government officials that have used coercion to pressure employees, travellers, or citizens, to take a potentially harmful injection, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. “And proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants …” Leviticus 25:10

We Need to Be Discerning in An Age of Deception
Christians need to be discerning. Our Lord Jesus Christ said: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. John 8:32.

God Has Not Given Us a Spirit of Fear
We need to reject pervasive propaganda and panic-mongering. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Tyranny Needs to Be Resisted
Public health does not require disinformation, inflated statistics, censorship of dissenting views, indoctrination, curfews, compulsion, mandatory vaccinations and coercion that has ruined the lives and bankrupted the businesses of multiplied millions worldwide. “Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free and do not be entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” Galatians 5:1

Blasphemous Banner
The Methodist church in Greenmarket Square, in downtown Cape Town, had the audacity to unfurl a long banner from its tower declaring: “The Blood of Jesus will not save you from Covid. Get vaccinated.” This is blasphemous and it is blatantly untrue. Over 99% of those who contract Covid recover. Everyone in my family has had covid and recovered. From my four decades in Missions in 38 countries, I can observe that, in my personal experience, covid was nowhere near as unpleasant or life-threatening as malaria, tick-bite fever or hepatitis.

Churches that Promote the Covid Message
Shockingly, many churches have allowed themselves to be enlisted into this Masquerade Madness, Lockdown Lunacy, Salvation by Vaccination Covid Cult. Some churches that were closed for worship have been turned into Covid testing and/or vaccination centres. Ministers of the Gospel wearing clerical collars have been photographed and quoted on billboards declaring: “This vaccine is going to save your life!” That is the terminology of a religion, not science. Imagine if churches were as diligent and energetic in Evangelism as they have been in enforcing temperature taking, hand sanitising, mask enforcing, social distancing and vaccination promotion!

A Tsunami of Censorship
The whole lockdown, masquerade, vaccination narrative is built upon falsehoods and lies. Never, in the history of the world, has there been such a Tsunami of censorship against dissenting opinions. Truth does not fear investigation. Why are medical professionals, like Dr Susan Vosloo, heart transplant Surgeon, threatened and silenced? Because she pointed out that the vaccine is actually more dangerous than the virus. It is absolutely unprecedented to be mandating any medical procedure for everyone. In medicine there is no one-size fits all.

Studies Do Not Support the Extreme Measures Being Enforced
There is no scientific evidence that wearing masks in any way protects one from a virus, or makes a difference in the numbers of people contracting this man-made virus. There is no scientific evidence that the vaccine is actually helping at all. Comparing Covid statistics in a country like Sweden, which never mandated lockdowns, or masks, or vaccinations, with those who had hard lockdowns and strict mask mandates and coercion to vaccinate the whole population indicates that Sweden has done vastly much better than countries like Spain and England, which caused massive disruption to their economies and yet still have vastly higher Covid cases. Countries like Israel and Singapore, which have the vast majority of their adult populations vaccinated (over 95%), are recording the highest levels of Covid cases and deaths after the vaccination programmes.

The Dangers of Centralised Governments
This is all reminiscent of George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World where a technologically advanced society is distracted by endless stimulation and subdued by drugs. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Natural Immunity is Vastly Superior to Any Vaccine
It is also not only unnecessary, but also dangerous for a person who has recovered from a virus to be injected with a vaccine, which actually is no vaccine at all, but rather an experimental DNA-altering medical procedure. Those who have recovered from the virus and have natural immunity have no need of any vaccine. Natural immunity has been proven to be 27 times more effective than any provided by even the best vaccine.

The Covid Vaccines Have Been Produced with Aborted Baby Foetal Tissue
Christians and other Pro-lifers also reject the Moderna, Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines because they have all been produced using aborted baby foetal tissue.

The Importance of Freedom of Conscience
Five hundred years ago Professor Martin Luther made his historic “Here I stand!” speech. Martin Luther’s historic, bold and momentous “My conscience is captive to the Word of God! Here I stand!” speech before the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire on 18 April, 1521, should inspire all of us to resist the Covid Cult lockdown lunacy revolution that has led to effective Martial law by medical dictatorships where the Wuhan Health Organisation has convinced many governments to cripple economies, suffocate churches, stifle cultural activities, missions, ministries, outreaches and evangelism, with unprecedented time and money wasting restrictions.

Socialist, Secular and Sinister
These have little or nothing to do with health or science, but which are steadfastly advancing a socialist, secular and sinister agenda, which resembles the warnings of Revelation 13: A one world government, one world economic system and a one world interfaith religion, where everyone would be required to receive a mark – without which one would not be allowed to buy or sell.

Thought Police Need to Be Exposed and Opposed
As warned in Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s 1984 novel, we now have a technologically advanced society, with increasingly invasive surveillance by “Big Brother” and a society distracted by mindless entertainment, subdued by drugs, intimated by Thought Police, regulated and restricted by omnipresent governments with basic Freedoms under threat.

Biblical Resistance
In this age of Revolution, it is vital to respond with Biblical Resistance. Like Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego, we must not bow and we must not bend. Our God, who we serve, is able to save us and He will. But even if He does not, we still will not bow to the idols of this world, nor will we serve their agenda.

Our Conscience Must be Rooted in the Word of God
No government can command our conscience. Our conscience is captive to the Word of God. Here we stand!

Choose Life
“I call Heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessings and cursing; therefore, choose life, that both you and your descendants may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19

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