Written by: Rian Swart
Article source: Supplied

“I am the way and the truth and the life;
No one comes to the Father except through me”
(Jesus, in John 14:6).

In God’s Word Jesus assigned and promised God’s Kingdom to His disciples and commanded them to go and make more disciples for Him of all the nations. We know that the Second Coming of Jesus is close and that He is readying His latter-day disciples in whom His life is revealed. Devout Christians throughout the world are watching and waiting in eager anticipation of this awe-inspiring event.

Jesus’ disciples were called “Christians” for the first time in Antioch. Today there are millions of Christians in the world, but unfortunately, very few genuine disciples of Jesus. This guide is exclusively for those who really desire to become true disciples. The short time that lies ahead will probably be the last opportunity in all eternity, to still be able to become a disciple of Jesus.
Jesus defined His disciples as people who have denied and renounced their self-life in order to get His LIFE in them, who have established Him as the absolute first priority in their lives, who remain in His Word and live accordingly, love one another with His Love, bear fruit that glorifies the Father, who are filled with the Holy Spirit and who are disciple-makers for Him.
Thank you very much Lord Jesus, for the privilege of distributing this collection of letters on Your behalf.

It is dedicated to Your latter-day disciples, both present and prospective, throughout the world.

If this book is published, I do not want any honour for it, because the Holy Spirit dictated it to me, and I received everything from Him. It must be published only under the name “Rian, one of Jesus’ disciples.”

The author is a practising medical doctor with 35 years’ experience in making disciples for Jesus, and most of them are also busy making disciples for Jesus wherever they are – in South Africa and abroad.

The author can be contacted at: rian.newsletter@gmail.com
Books available for purchase: rianswart.info@gmail.com
Whatsapp Blom: 082 338 2969 or Riekie: 082 901 3427

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