Written by: Pearl Kupe
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The family is the bedrock and foundation of society. A dysfunctional family results in a dysfunctional society, dysfunctional Body of Christ, dysfunctional nation and ultimately a dysfunctional world. Strong families result in a strong Body of Christ, strong communities and strong nations!

It was so encouraging and heartwarming to watch a video that was recently sent to me via WhatsApp, showing an African man who had a baby strapped to his back in the manner that most African women strap their babies. He was looking after the baby and at the same time teaching his three other children how to play a lively indoors game. My spirit leapt in excitement as I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, God is doing a new thing and restoring the family and starting with the restoration of men as priests of their homes and restoring the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers (Malachi 4:6).

This was a scene like no other! Ordinarily, during pre-Covid days, one would find the mothers spending time with the children and taking care of them. What we were now seeing in this time of Covid-19 Lockdown was a situation where families had been locked down together. Men, who ordinarily spent most time in their offices were now locked down with their families.

In dysfunctional families, this lockdown created more stress and frustration and resulted in increased violence against women in some cases. In many families, however, Covid-19 had the opposite effect of bringing families together. Families are now spending time together in prayer, in bible study, playing board games and talking to one another, listening and enjoying each other’s company. Intimacy with God as a family is being restored as fathers take up their rightful place as priest of the family and lead prayers and family bible studies. between married couples is being resorted.

My prayer is for the family unit to be healed. No nation can be healed without the family being first healed. May every wrong, injustice, immorality and unrighteousness that has been perpetuated towards the family in using the family be corrected in this season.

Let the fathers be positioned and re-aligned in accordance with God’s Kingdom pattern and let the women step back where necessary to allow men to take their God ordained positions. Let families operate according to their kingdom purpose, in love, righteousness, unity and harmony, serving God and serving one another for His glory.

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