—by Mario Papadopollous

I am an executive health and wellbeing specialist who has been working in the field of human lifestyle and performance enhancement for well over a decade. Over this period, I have trained the general pub­lic, athletes, captains of industry, visionar­ies, and pastors.

How does living a healthy and balanced lifestyle impact one`s quality of life?
There is delicate dance that exists between living a healthy balanced lifestyle and the impact such a lifestyle has on our mental, physical, and emotional state, i.e. quality of life. The way we live our lives either brings us closer to, or drives us further away from the blessing of health, joy, peace, love, and provision. “Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and the dwelling place of Jesus Christ.” – 1 Corinthians 6:19 -20. 

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
Sadly, when it comes to treating our bod­ies as the temple of the Holy Spirit, many of us struggle. Fortunately, our Lord, in His al­mighty wisdom, accounted for our ‘human-ess’ and gracefully provided us with some guidelines to assist us in the form the Ten Commandments, understood from a New Testament perspective. When we choose to live a life of healthy choices, it is far easier to stick to these guides as our minds are clearer and our bodies stronger to fight off worldly temptations through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Ever wanted to renew your mind and restore your body?
In my personal dance over the past 15 years of renewing my mind and restoring my body, I found that the Ten Command­ments acted as accurate guidelines as to how I wanted to live my life. The more I tried to follow them, the more my life changed for the better. It was not an easy road, but today – more than a decade later – the fruits are clear, my life would have been very different had I not made the decision to live a more disci­plined life. The process of surrendering did far more than just alter my mental, physical, and emotional state – it opened my eyes to God’s purpose for my life.

Why I chose the Ten Commandments as a yard stick?
I have found them more relevant today than ever before. I found find that in striving to abide by them, I have become the best version of myself. If, however, you differ in opinion, which of the Ten Commandments do you think leaving out would give a life of health, joy, peace, love, and provision or make you a better spouse, parent, or human being? I struggle to exclude even one.

MARIO PAPADOPOULLOS is the developer of the 90 Day, MIND YOUR BODY, Lifestyle Enhancement Solutions, designed for: Government departments, Corporates, Learning institutions and Churches. To book Mario or attend the next MYB Lifestyle Enhancement Workshop

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