Written by: Mark Hewett
Article source: JOY! Magazine

In this column Mark Hewett, CEO of Legion of Lions, will answer five key business questions. The first two questions are covered in this issue and the last three will be addressed next month:

• What should be our readers’ approach to 2021 for their businesses?
• What should you do when you encounter obstacles?
• What can business owners practically do to overcome such obstacles?
• What is the next step to take when you, as a business owner, have found a solution, product, or service to offer the market?
• How do you grow your brand once you have an effective business?

Step 1. Goals & A Passionate Approach
How should readers approach 2021 for their businesses?
I would propose that the readers begin by setting audacious business or personal goals for themselves, goals that excite them and align with their passions. Thus when problems occur, they are willing to punch through adversity and have a positive mindset to problem solving.

Step 2. Encountering Problems & Pains
What should you do when you encounter obstacles?
In consulting hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years, I have seen that overcoming a problem is usually not the problem, but rather, their perspective on the problem. Whatever the problem may be, there is always a solution. People are only afraid of challenges because are they are ultimately afraid to fail. They are afraid to encounter problems that they think they cannot overcome. They remain afraid of the unknown, instead reducing and limiting their ambition and goals – sadly becoming demoralised over time by settling for less and letting difficulty consume them. Conversely, when you switch your thinking to viewing problems as exciting, problem-solving becomes an enriching process. Failure will happen in many shapes and forms – they are excellent learning experiences. If you aren’t failing and encountering problems, then you aren’t aiming high enough. The key is to fail well and fall forward on your way to becoming successful and reaching your goal. Every time you encounter pain through problems, it’s an indication that something is just at temporary odds. The people who can solve pain by identifying the cause and effect and diagnosing the unique problems to find the ultimate solutions, are who Steve Jobs referred to as “the crazy ones”. They are those who feel they can change the world, and generally can position their business or brand successfully. Where big problems prevent growth or solutions for a large part of any market is also the magical realm where potential resides, where innovation is conceived and born through – becoming some of the best ideas in history. The entrepreneurs who embrace and leverage that reality find previously impossible solutions. Here’s a tip for 2021 – identify big problems in your market and embrace collaboration to formulate solutions that create value.

Mark Peter Hewett has established himself as an internationally accomplished entrepreneur, venture capitalist, business mentor, and author (with Paul Kerton, Chief Founding Editor of Men’s Health South Africa).

Mark works in various global enterprises in the technology, marketing, media, energy, business development, real estate, events, and international distribution industries, either as owner, founder, member, or consultant. For more than ten years he has invested and operated in advertising and marketing media – including digital, retail, outdoor, airport, mall and mobile – for mainly the corporate, multinational, liquor and pharmaceutical industries, including being the founder of South Africa’s largest, multi-million dollar, independently owned, digital media network. He has a passion for mentoring business owners and students, having coached Marketing and BCom graduates from Europe for several years through his Internship Training Programs in his companies.

As group CEO of Legion of Lions™ International, Hewett now focuses on connecting with top entrepreneurs, building brands, and establishing international businesses. As a specialist services superfirm, Legions of Lions operates in collaboration with a Dutch Co-Op based in the Netherlands –composed of award-winning partnered servicing agencies, talent and companies – and is positioned uniquely as South Africa’s premium Brand Commercialising Movement.

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