Written by: Dr Belinda Spannenberg
Article source: JOY! Magazine

In a recent vision I saw sounds released from people’s mouths ascending into heaven, they represented our worship, prayer, prophecy, and decrees which were being released to the throne of God. When they reached heaven, the notes were transformed into golden keys that unlocked heavenly portals and unleashed the glory of God globally.

A spiritual sound
The Father spoke to me about The Sound, a frequency that connects us to the heavenly realm through what I can best describe as a ‘spiritual sonic boom’. This is achieved through our praise and worship, breaking the sound barrier between heaven and earth, and allowing resonance between the sound frequencies of heaven and those of the ekklesia on earth, thereby releasing glory.

Judah’s roar over the nations
God is calling for the sound of a Judah’s roar to be released in this season, this is the key to unlocking the glory required to shift the atmosphere over nations and take back territory for the Lord (Rev 11:15). Judah always went first to break open the way for the rest of Israel, making Judah’s roar both apostolic and governmental, a dimension that is essential in releasing awakening in nations and claiming back territory.

Judah carries the anointing to possess nations
Judges 1:2, “The Lord answered, ‘Judah shall go up; I have given the land into their hands.’” Judah carries the anointing to possess nations, a key needed to reclaim the seven mountains of influence in nations. Genesis 49:10, “The sceptre will not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until he to whom it belongs shall come and the obedience of the nations shall be his.” The governmental authority in Judah’s sound will impart dominion to rule and reign from heaven in nations.

The Sound has to be unleashed across nations, will you take up the charge to be a voice to release it?

Dr Belinda Spannenberg – Founder of Awaken Global Ministries and Prophetic Edge TV Show, visionary Men of Valour and Deborah Arise Leadership Academies. Visit www.awaken-global.com or email belinda@awaken-global.com

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