Written by: Dr Belinda Spannenberg
Article source: JOY! Magazine

The global landscape is changing and end time prophecy is unfolding before our eyes. With wars, nations ravaged by a pandemic, and world economies being challenged, the church knows that we are close to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. He’s coming for His bride, and it will be sooner than we think. This is not, however, an invitation to lie down, to stop fighting, to stop believing, or to stop ruling and reigning with Christ. Abba is calling us as His remnant bride to occupy until He comes (Luke 19:13).

A vision from the Lord
In December 2021 while I was in prayer; a gold angel of glory appeared before me wearing the emblem of the tribe of Judah. The Lord said, ‘tell my people that in this time of war and affliction, I’m calling them to raise the sound of Judah, tell them that their worship is going to win this war.’ Then He said ‘This is my angel of glory, who’s come to release the glory of Isaiah 60:1 for the greatest outpouring and manifestation of glory the earth has ever seen.’

The keys to unlock this glory are:
To live a life of humility and repentance and appropriate the Blood of Jesus upon the mercy seat that was guarded by these cherubim. As My people repent, I will heal their land, their individual lives, and I will fulfil their divine destinies. The power of My blood was, is and always will be how you overcome your enemy. Never has there been a time on earth where I have required you to appropriate this power more than now. My blood was shed for victory, and still today cries out upon the mercy seat of heaven for the healing and deliverance of nations – all you need to do is appropriate it.

2. Release the sound of Judah’s roar, which will unlock glory from heaven to earth and bring about the great move of My Spirit and an unprecedented harvest of souls. The frequency of your praise will break the yoke of bondage that the enemy has placed upon you. The sanctity of your worship will cause my angelic hosts to fight your battles for you, all you have to do is STAND and see the deliverance of the Lord your God.

Dr Belinda Spannenberg – Founder of Awaken Global and Prophetic Edge International. Email belinda@awaken-global.com

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