– by Harold F. Weitsz

“But where sin increased, grace overflowed even more.” – Romans 5:20

In 2018 the Lord showed me that South Africa would go through a “bottleneck” of pressure and it clearly manifested in many ways. 2019 will be the year of much exposure and unravelling of evils that have set our beautiful nation back. But God! Amidst the turmoil, there is going to be unprecedented manifestations of God’s power amidst His righteous children. Countless individuals and businesses have and still are encountering severe pressure, but those who rise up in prayer and intercession will be guided through the storms. They will, in fact, come out of the fire like Daniel’s three friends and not even smell of smoke. Prayers of the righteous will usher in revivals worldwide and we will see and experience boundless breakthroughs and answers to prayer. God’s overflowing grace will protect and provide for His Church in the midst of a sin-riddled world. Always remember that we are the light, reflecting the love of Jesus. We are also the salt, healing wounds and speaking the Truth of God’s Word in a world of sin and darkness. 

In this New Year, let us focus on prayer for:
• Revival in the Church
• Revival in families – especially where children have been impacted by divorce
• Pray for businesses to thrive so that the unemployed can be granted working opportunities
• Pray for the government – that all corruption and lawlessness will be eradicated.

JOY! Magazine (January 2019)

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