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This article is the fourth teaching in this series. Click here to read the first article on Pearls Of Kingship.

“Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.” – Matthew 7:6

Over the last few issues we have studied the first part of the verse above and have seen that we cannot compromise our covenant with Abba Father in order to reach out to others. We have to stay close to the heart of our King in order to be partakers in the Great Commission. In this article, we are moving on to the second part of this verse that teaches us not to cast our pearls before swine.

Pearls are of great worth
In the Word of Abba Father, pearls are used to describe something of great worth or value. This is why the Greek word for pearl means “that which is of great value”. In Matthew 13:45-46 the Kingdom of Heaven in compared to a great pearl. It describes how a merchant seeks for this treasure and when he finds it, sells all he has in order to get this pearl of value. This teaches us that when we find what our souls have been yearning for – covenant with our Creator – everything in our lives changes. There is an internal change and revival inside us that causes our old life not to be relevant anymore.

Swine have no discernment for worth
You will remember that, in our previous article, we spoke about the two verbs that are used in Matthew 7:6, and how the first one – to give – means to give yourself. The second verb used in this verse is the word “cast”. The Greek word for cast is the word “ballo”. Ballo means to throw something without a care where it falls. Swine or pigs, in the Word of Abba Father, refers to that which is unclean. In the Hebrew language, it not only refers to that which is unclean, but also those who have no discernment for worth. But listen to this – it also refers to those who are antagonistic towards God and/or His people – those who are out to persecute the children of Abba Father. Swine could not care whether something is from the garbage or from the altar – it’s all the same to them. They will eat everything and trample it all into the mud. It is interesting that when you study the nature of pigs, they have a knack to get very antagonised when they expect something to eat and you give them something inedible. They will literally turn on you in a rage.

This verse is teaching us that we are not to invite the harassment of obvious, hostile people into our lives. It is not attached to the person, but the hostility towards believers?

What does it mean to cast pearls to swine?
The second part of Matthew 7:6 has nothing to do with reaching out to lost souls with the Gospel of Christ. So, what does it refer to then? As believers, we will see swine in the spirit come across our paths from time to time. Those with unclean intentions; those who are not searching for Truth but who are looking for a fight. The Truth is inedible to them because that is not what they are searching for. Their hearts are set on persecution and not redemption. They have no interest in hearing your heart. I am sure that you have seen this on your journey of faith? They don’t really want the Truth. They want a chunk of sensation and will trample any truth into mud for their own use. They love mud. Bringing restoration and cleansing is not their desire or agenda. Their objective is to draw you into the mud with them as they break down the Body of Christ.

We do not need to tolerate sin
This part of the verse is teaching us that we are not to invite the harassment of obvious, hostile people into our lives. Can you see that it is not attached to the person, but the hostility towards believers? We do not need to entertain this. Nowhere in the Word of Abba Father does it tell us to tolerate the enemy. In the same way Abba Father hates sin, but loves sinners.

We are stewards of what belongs to Abba Father
Everything belongs to the Lord. Our abilities, possessions, time, and opportunities are all given to us by God (1 Cor 4:1-2). We are to use discernment with Abba Father’s possessions. The enemy keeps us busy with trivial and unimportant things to distract us from doing what we are called to do. This verse teaches us not to get into wrestling matches with swine. Both will get dirty but the swine will enjoy it. Yes, you may think, but Jesus brought the Word of the Kingdom to all while He was on earth? No, that is not true. He left towns like Nazareth without giving the people anything because of their evil hearts’ intention and their vision of persecution. There are many examples in the Word of Abba Father where Jesus withdrew Himself (John 6:15).

Good deeds are not evidence of a good Christian
Yes, but I want to do good deeds, you may say. We have to realise that good deeds are not absolute proof of true faith. Read that again! Many radio personalities trash and blaspheme God right through the year and then, at the end of the year, they collect money for someone’s operation or cancer treatment and all of a sudden they become the good Samaritans. This has nothing to do with true faith. True faith is identified through a covenant relationship and obedience to Abba Father. So, what are we to do? How do we distinguish? Where does this leave us? Look out for our next article where we will continue studying this.

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