Odos’ Sunday school and children’s church material makes Sunday school and children’s church fun! This Bible study series for primary school children can be used in church or school. The material includes a teacher’s manual, as well as a children’s book the children can take home every week. The children’s book includes the week’s Bible story, as well as a colouring picture based on a character from the Bible lesson. Every child also receives a collector’s item to encourage them to learn more about God and His Word.

Resources are available in English and Afrikaans! Have a look online to order content: www.odos.co.za


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There are many different types of material available for Sunday school and children’s church activities. Why choose Odos?

It is Odos’s dream to encourage children to love the Word. We want children to have a relationship with Jesus through reading the Word.

Odos wants teenagers to see their story as part of God’s story and that they will therefore live their lives on His way (Odos).


Why Odos? The story behind the company:
The first thing popping into your mind as you read this is probably “What does Odos mean?” Odos is a Greek word meaning “way” or “road”. The early Christians called themselves “people of the way”.

Odos started as a dream in our hearts when our oldest daughter was four years old. Our desire was for our children to know the Lord Jesus Christ and have a relationship with Him. We also knew that the only way they could grow in a relationship with the Lord was for them to read the Bible and understand what it was talking about. We can only have a relationship with God if we have His Spirit and know His word.

We decided to develop a curriculum that takes children through the Bible by first telling them the stories of the Bible in a way that will fix it in their minds. Stories create the identity through which we live our lives. Sometimes we want to start with ethics or morals but we realized that who God is and what He has made us through His Son’s death and resurrection is what will change our lives forever. We know how to follow Him through the stories of others who followed Him. A verse in Judges explains the tragedy of a generation that neglected telling the stories of God’s work in people’s lives. Judges 2:10 “And also all that generation were gathered unto their fathers: and there arose another generation after them, that knew not Jehovah, nor yet the work which he had wrought for Israel.” We believe that the greatest shortcoming in the church today is that young people have not been told about the works of God as recorded in the Bible.

Our curriculum starts by telling all the well-known stories of the Old Testament (Odos 1) and move on to the life of Jesus (Odos 2), His parables (Odos 3) and the book of Acts (Odos 4). Then we return to the Old Testament for a more detailed account of the kings, priests, prophets and judges (Odos 5). In the last two books of the curriculum we look at the books of the Old Testament (Odos 6) and New Testament (Odos 7) trying to place the stories back into the Bible books. Especially in Odos 6 we try to teach kids how to see Jesus in every Bible book.

Every Odos book tries to give a three dimensional picture of the stories through cards, posters, a time line (to plot the story chronologically) and stickers. Every lesson gives an idea of something to eat and something to do that will help to cement the story in the child’s heart.

You can also download an app with features such as a Bible quiz, ideas for family activities to do at home and 360 video clips that give the children a look at the actual places where some of these stories took place.

Our prayer as Odos-team is that children will find their identity in God, the Father, through Jesus Christ by His Spirit and Word.

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