Written by: Bill Hollis
Article source: JOY! Magazine

Over the many years of leading a business, studying Kingdom businesses, and counselling Christian business owners, I have learnt that there are Kingdom principles that need to be honoured. Most Christian business owners tell me that they are in business to make money for the Kingdom. The problem with this belief is that it subtly diverts their motive and focus to seek after the spirit of mammon. “But more than anything else, put God’s work first and do what he wants. Then the other things will be yours as well.” – Matthew 6:33

Here are some important Kingdom business principles:
• The Kingdom of God: It’s all about the Kingdom of God – its representation, its reputation, and its extension
• Just a vehicle: The business is just a vehicle for what God wants to accomplish through it.
• Kingdom purpose: Each business must have a Kingdom purpose which is much more than money. Every business has a unique purpose that needs to be pursued with passion.
• Prayer is work: Most business owners only pray when they have some spare time, but prayer must be a priority. A time to communicate with the owner of your business, to daily seek His will and His direction.
• Money and man: Never make money more important than mankind. The spirit of mammon leads to greed and bondage. It is the faithful personnel that make the business successful.
• Place of destiny: Business must be a place where people can be impacted by His power and His presence, thereby bringing people into destiny.
• Partnering with God: Partnership facilitates the financing of His plans and projects which must be carried out on the earth.
• Business practices: Leading a Kingdom business must have sound business practices. I have found that when spiritual principles are violated, the door to the enemy is opened and no matter how hard one works, little is accomplished.

My prayer is that the power of the Kingdom will become a reality for every business owner at this time.

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Bill Hollis is a businessman who has a passion and calling to develop men and women in the marketplace. Visit ruachministries.co.za

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