Written by: Bill Hollis
Article source: JOY! Magazine

“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the Kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.” – Matthew 7:21

Many Christians have compartmentalised their lives into neat little boxes, unfortunately leaving Jesus out of their work box – they do not see the marketplace as part of their Christian life. We need to do the Will of God in all areas of our lives to see the Kingdom of God being established. The Will of the father is revealed throughout scripture and through the words of Jesus, which apply to all areas of our lives (including our work life). Our work life will present us with many challenges through difficult circumstances – including people who are not Christians and do not share our values. Some questionable values that should not be displayed in the marketplace are as follows:

• Unforgiveness – When we walk in bitterness, resentment, or unforgiveness we open a large door for the enemy to bring destruction into our lives. We do not always behave perfectly, but when we fail under pressure we must be willing to ask for forgiveness – showing the world a different standard.
• Judgement – As Christians we tend to quickly judge people – their beliefs and motives. An understanding of this word implies that we are not to judge another person’s motives because only God knows the intent of a man’s heart.
• Gossip and slander – We can easily fall into the trap of the enemy and join in on the workplace gossip and slander of our seniors and co-workers. The Hebrew translation describes gossip as the sin of Lashon Hara – derogatory speech about a person that emotionally or financially damages them in the opinion of others.
• Pride – When we believe that we are superior due to position, status, or beliefs – God resists the proud and exalts the humble.

As representatives of the Kingdom, should always be mindful that our wrong attitudes will determine our behaviour, which is always on display to God and those around us.

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Bill Hollis is a businessman who has a passion and calling to develop men and women in the marketplace. Visit ruachministries.co.za.

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