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The word of God teaches us how important it is to attend church.  In Matthew 16:18 it reads: “I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.” Unfortunately, despite our intentions to do so, it is not always possible to attend church in the House of God.  This is especially true during periods of extreme weather or like the lockdown situation the recent Covid-19 pandemic presented.  Thankfully, where there is a will (and faith) there is a way. Here are a few ways to help the congregation attend church in uncertain times.

Ensure the Premises are Safe
It is important to ensure that churchgoers always enjoy safe access to the premises. This is particularly true during periods of extreme weather, and especially in winter. There are, thankfully, a number of steps that can be taken to achieve this, even during heavy snowfall.  Start by clearing the snow early in the morning to prevent it from becoming too compact and to prevent any black ice from forming. Extra attention must be paid to verges, edges, and pathways to create as much safe space to walk as possible. Ensuring the church is safe to access may require a lot of work, making it a wonderful opportunity for members of the community to work together towards a wonderful goal.

Take the Church to the People
One way to continue preaching the word of God to your congregation, as well as the community beyond the walls of the church, is by taking the church to the people. This is particularly useful when people are unable to attend church or just do not yet feel comfortable doing so. The first step towards achieving this involves getting to know the community that surrounds the church. Once you have established a relationship with community members, you can start having meaningful conversations about God and the church with them. You can continue to build a relationship with congregation members who cannot attend church by offering to make house visits or by holding small-scale worship services in institutions such as nursing homes and even hospitals.

Turn to Technology
Sometimes, regardless of extreme efforts and unwavering faith, it is simply not always possible for congregation members to attend church, or for the church to be taken to the congregation. Luckily, technology has made it possible to live stream church services to the congregation. Such live streams not only help maintain the current congregation during strange times but also make it easier to attract new worshippers. In order to live stream service, you need access to at least a basic live streaming setup. Such a setup typically includes a camera, a tripod, a video mixer, and a live streaming platform. Your budget will ultimately determine what setup you acquire but even if you can only invest in a basic setup, you will be able to continuously deliver God’s message to the congregation.

Going to church is very important to Christians. It is very comforting to know that there are ways to still attend services even during times of extreme weather and other strange occurrences.

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