Written by: Johan Jacobs
Article source:  JOY! Magazine

Due to our fast-paced, modern lifestyle, it has become nearly impossible to ingest enough raw vegetables (containing antioxidants, phyto-chemicals, living minerals, enzymes, vitamins, etc.) for optimal nutrition. In addition, many people today are also exposed to unnatural and abnormal amounts of pollution, stress, time pressure, toxins, and ‘trick and cheat’ foods that cause the masses to be malnourished and poisoned. Unfortunately, many people are already victims as they have a weakened immune system, are severely malnourished, and are drained and without vitality. Many of them also suffer from obesity or advanced illnesses such as cancer or type 2 diabetes.

1. Boost your immune system
Your immune system is the key to protecting you from viruses, bacteria, and cancer. The advantage of juicing raw vegetables is that the juice is separated from the fibre and most of the nutrients are retained in the juice. These fresh, living nutrients can then be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream at a cellular level without the time-consuming and energy-consuming process of digestion. Juicing vegetables is one of the best sources of nutrients for building and regenerating our bodies and cells. Unfortunately, most of the vegetables we consume are often overcooked. It is essential that we eat more raw food, because we need the living enzymes (sparks of life) in them. I am not opposed to cooked food at all, but we eat too many cooked vegetables. With a juicer it is quick and easy because you drink your raw vegetables or “salads”. 

2. Make your own medicine
If you are ill, instead of taking chemicals and possibly harmful medicine, you can add something fresh like ginger root to the juice and make your own natural medicine. It has repeatedly been proven that ginger is 1000 times more effective than chemotherapy.

3. Detox with daily vegetable juice
The large number of antioxidants in vegetable juice help to mop up toxins in your body.

4. Make your own juicer, your supplement factory
As you remove the nutrient-poor fibre, you literally concentrate the nutrients and essentially make your own fresh food supplements. With a good juicer you can make inexpensive, fresh, homemade, natural, organic superfood supplements.

5. Time saver
Instead of standing in front of a hot stove for hours, you can make and enjoy a nutrient-rich juice within half an hour.
When you are sick
I suggest you drink one fresh juice at least once, but preferably twice, a day. Healing centres worldwide use juicing therapy. If you cannot afford a juicer, improvise! How desperate are you to get well? Consider selling non-essential luxuries such as your microwave or television! No price is too high when your health is at stake. We are quick to complain about the high cost of healthy living, yet we would happily invest in that new, super-sized flat screen TV, mobile phone, digital camera, or the latest iPad! Our priorities are somewhat skewed. Remember, your health is your wealth and it is well worth investing in.

My favourite recipe for recovery:
• 3 Carrots
• ½ Beetroot
• 1 Spinach leaf
• 2 Celery leaves
• 5 mm thick ginger root slice
• 1 parsley leaf
• A handful of barley, oats, or wheatgrass
• ½ Apple (optional for children)
• ½ Lemon, including peel

This recipe is a combination of green, yellow, and red vegetables, plus powerful herbs and fruits (optional). Remember, this is a highly concentrated drink. Always dilute it 50/50 with pure water. If you are diabetic or have cancer, it is advisable to limit all fruits and some of the root vegetables as they contain higher amounts of sugar. Replace them with cucumber and / or cabbage.

Inferior food chain
Sadly, we are living in a fallen world and the food chain has become inferior. Modern processed food is not good enough to sustain a healthy body. I urge you to live in wisdom and to adopt the GO NATURAL diet and lifestyle. “Know you not that you are the temple of God” – 1 Corinthians 3:16. My prayer is: “Let the Body of Christ live in wisdom so that we can escape manmade ‘dis-eases’ and fulfil our divine calling to the glory of our Creator.”  

Juicing is the most natural, fastest, and most cost-effective way to get nutrients to the cellular level. It helps to:

• Regain and strengthen your health and vitality
• Detox cells
• Boost your immune system with large amounts of antioxidants
• Purify the blood
• Accelerate healing with ample building blocks to replace damaged cells
• Spike energy levels
• Provide nutrients in synergy
• Balance the ph levels
• Hydrate the body

In short, juicing is the best and safest way to counteract the unnatural convenience lifestyle that renders our bodies overfed and malnourished. Bear in mind, juicing is not a passport to cheat and deviate from your healthy diet.

Go Natural offers For the Love of True Food seminars and workshops. Attend and empower yourself with information and the necessary skills to take control of your family’s health.

JUICERS: About your choice of juicer
Not every juicer produces the same results. Remember – the best juice comes from the best juicer. To make a healthy juice, you need a juicer with the appropriate slow speed; preferably a gear juicer or a gear juicer combined with an auger juicer, such as the Angel juicer. It is the most advanced juicer and produces the best juice yield (almost double, and also contains up to 300% more minerals by volume). These juicers can also make delicious sorbets, nut butter, and more. The usual cheap centrifugal juicers (mostly for fruit) are definitely not recommended, for reasons such as they cannot juice green leaves, which are a vital ingredient for good health. I explain all the juicing options and technologies in my book GO NATURAL: Wisdom for Healthy Living. Go Natural holds the largest variety of vegetable juicers using gear technology. Check our website: gonatural.co.za

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