It’s a struggle every honest believer has had since the dawn of creation: we know what is right, we want to do what is right, but so often we do what is wrong. Why are we prone to sin even after God has saved us? In a sermon clip recently published on, pastor and teacher John Piper draws from profound Scriptural truth to explain why, try as we might, we just can’t stop sinning, and why that’s actually good news. Watch Pastor John’s brief teaching in the video at the end of this article.

“Sin promises [us], ‘What I have to offer is better, more satisfying, more enjoyable, more hope-giving than Christ,'” Piper explains. “Hebrews 11:25 calls this ‘the fleeting pleasures of sin.’ Sin promises to be better, longer, deeper, sweeter, more satisfying. And to the degree that we are deceived by those promises, we sin.” 

“Nobody sins out of duty, right?” the retired Bethlehem Baptist Church leader quipped. “Nobody gets up in the morning and says, I have an obligation: I have to sin some today.”

Even tremendous willpower cannot help you sin less, Piper continues, “because with every sin that you conquer by willpower, seven devils of self-righteousness come in and take its place. Willpower conquering of sin is not a conquering of sin; it’s an exaltation of self.” 

So what is the answer to victory over sin in our lives? Find out the good news in Pastor John’s brief sermon clip below:

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