Written by: Melissa Harris
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This is going to sound hard-core. It is hard-core. If you’re caught in the middle of a vicious active addiction cycle this might be the last thing you want to hear. But the truth is, it might be the very thing you NEED to hear.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been addicted 5 minutes, 5 years or 50 years when you want to stop, you will. Just like that. Yes, despite what you have come to believe about you being addicted or your addiction, you actually hold the key to your own freedom inside of you. There’s no big secret and it’s quite simple really. It all boils down to the fact that God has given you the incredible gift of free will.

Now I know what you’re thinking … she doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about … it’s not that simple, you say. Do you think I would choose a life of being addicted? But I do get it, so much more than you realise because I am you. You certainly did not choose to become an addict. Your trauma bullet holes are the reason that you first became an addict, but you do get to CHOOSE whether or not you want to recover. You do get to choose to take accountability for your life. You do get to choose now between LIFE and DEATH, BLESSINGS and CURSES.

When you have had enough, and I know a lot of you say you’ve had enough but yet continue in active addiction. But when you have truly, honestly bottomed-out and had enough, you will just stop. Just like that. In an instant. How do I know? Because after 20 years of hard-core active addiction to crystal meth, I just stopped. Just like that.

The withdrawals didn’t scare me. The consequences of living a life in active no longer scared me. What did scare me beyond belief was the thought of staying the same. You see when the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change, you simply will stop. You will embrace change with wide-open arms. You’ve got to want it. You’ve got to want it more than anything you’ve ever wanted in your life before.

You see God will not be pushy, He doesn’t force recovery on you. You have to, by yourself, choose LIFE with your very own free will and THEN and only THEN does God step in, in His full mighty glory with unending passion and love, and thrust you upwards and forwards.

So my question today is: Do you choose LIFE or DEATH, BLESSINGS or CURSES? God is sure of what He wants for us. He wants us to CHOOSE LIFE! Choose wisely.

Deuteronomy 30:19-20
19 This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live 20 and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the Lord is your life, and he will give you many years in the land he swore to give to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

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