– by Johan Jacobs

It is obviously essential to eat, but sadly, the bulk of the modern processed food chain is no longer good for us and is deprived of nutrients. In other words, a big portion of the abundance of foodstuff is fake foods that trick and cheat our bodies and keep us (the masses) in a perpetual state of craving and hunger. This is the reason why many people are overweight, or obese, but they are actually starving. The survival reflex of ‘hunger’ forces us to eat continuously in an effort to take in enough nutrients. This continuous vicious snowball effect slowly erodes our health and vitality.

Bad nutrition leads to modern diseases
The result is that more than 50% of the modern Western society is overweight and suffers from the following modern diet and lifestyle related illnesses and conditions: obesity, type 2 diabetes, tooth decay, ADD/ADHD, heart disease, cancer, and so forth. 

Quick results to lose weight
The Go Natural diet and lifestyle is definitely the solution, but I recently discovered that if you want quicker results to reach your normal, or shall I say your correct body weight, then intermittent fasting is the catalyst. Especially for those of us who are over 40 years of age, and not nearly as active as in our youth.

Why does intermittent fasting work?
The reason why intermittent fasting helps is because you eat less. Physiologically, we do not need as much food as we currently take in. One just needs to adjust your mindset and break the bad modern habit of continually over eating. All food and nutrients contain energy, if you do not use up all the ingested energy, your body will store it as fat to burn in times of ‘scarcity’.

Consider a ketogenic diet
In cases of severe illness like cancer, diabetes, or neurological conditions, the Go Natural diet can be followed in conjunction with intermittent fasting and a ketogenic diet. The basic principle of a keto diet is low carbohydrates and high fat intake, consisting of approximately 25% protein. You should switch from burning sugar and carbohydrates as a source of energy to burning fat for your body’s energy needs –via a process called ketosis. Cancer cannot survive without sugar and glucose. The by-product of fat being burnt in the body is ketones, which are powerful brain antioxidants. Fat is a far more efficient energy source than sugar. It is best to avoid fruits, or at least only eat low sugar fruits, such as berries, in moderation. Limit or restrict all grain or food that contains grain. Once you have recovered, you can slowly reintroduce grain in your Go Natural diet. 

Avoid a health catastrophe
As Westerners, we currently have a completely wrong mindset about health. We inherited a faulty, altered, and adulterated food chain that has become the new norm in our valley of fake abundance where we can access ‘food’ with little effort. We have become accustomed and addicted to wrong foods that, in many cases, are not real food and have minimal nutritional value. This is why we look the way we do and why we have such dismal health statistics. Actually, it is already a catastrophe.

Diets don’t work!
We need to change things, and I believe Go Natural’s true foods, in parallel with intermittent fasting, will give you the desired results. Especially if you want to lose weight and stabilise your blood sugar levels. It is proven that diets do not work, they are not sustainable, but a lifestyle change renders good results and is sustainable. Feel free to follow the Go Natural diet and lifestyle, which is well documented in our book!

Principles of the Intermittent Fast:
1. You can eat every day in a six-hour window period.
2. You fast / restrict yourself from food for the next 18 hours after your last meal.
3. Ideally you skip breakfast. In other words, on average you eat a third less.
4. You therefore only eat in one quarter of the day, a six-hour time period. For example, you eat your first meal at 13:00 and your second and last meal at 19:00.
5. Preferably you do not snack in between.
6. Focus on quality not quantity. Only eat natural true, whole foods.
7. Only eat when you are relaxed.
8. Eat slowly and chew your food properly.

For more information and advice to exclude fake foods from your diet, scan this QR Code on your smartphone to read our previous article on this matter.

JOHAN JACOBS is the founder and author of Go Natural. Visit gonatural.co.za to order his book

Article source: JOY! Magazine (June 2019)

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